‘Up Close and Personal’

So Friday night saw me go to the first night of Peter Andre’s 2012 tour, ‘Up Close and Personal’ in Plymouth Pavilions. Now let me tell you, this night was definitely ’Up Close and Personal’ with him. This night was so much better than this same night exactly two years ago for his ‘Accelerate’ tour in 2010.

Of course you can’t go to a Peter Andre concert without hearing, ‘Perfect Night’, ‘Defender’, ‘Accelerate’, ‘Unconditional’ and everyone’s favorite ’Mysterious Girl’. The night wouldn’t be the same without these amazing hits.

These songs weren’t sung how they were sung on his last tour. Pete added a completely different take on these songs. Now let me tell you, this was definitely not a bad mistake because the whole of Pavilions were singing along and getting into the groove of things.

Pete sung new material from his new ‘Angels and Demons’ and the album sounds worthy of getting because these songs were just amazing. They all had a strong meaning behind them and it wasn’t hard to know what this meaning was.

The funny side towards Pete was shown all the way through this night and this allowed there to never be a dull moment. The most laughable moment was when the sexy bartender Theio was kept being asked by Pete to put on a shirt because he was feeling like Theio was out shining him. This was the moment where the whole crowd started to chant ‘Take it off, Take it off’ to Pete.

The dancers that were there on this night were absolutely amazing. Some of their moves that they did were simply great and unbelievable. There was even a bit in the middle of the concert where they got us, the fans to join in and dance with them. This was a very funny moment with one, what the moves were called and two, what you had to do.

Now this isn’t exactly the whole concert because if I did that, it would literally fill up two pages because there is that much I could write about it. These are just some of the memorable moments that I will have from this night. Anyone that reads this and whom is going to one of Pete’s tour dates, 2012-2013, you will absolutely love it believe me and it will be a night to remember definitely.

P.S. Peter Andre, thank you for an amazing night, it was an absolute treat to go and see you again for my birthday. It was a night that I will remember in years to come.


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