Walking Dead Season 3

Like every other T.V programme before Christmas, Walking Dead have just aired their mid-season episode, Made to Suffer. With episode nine being aired in the New Year sometime during February, so while we are waiting, let’s have an overlook of the first part of season three.

Season three in my opinion hasn’t failed to not impress me, with all the action that in some cases happens all in one episode that makes you on your edge of your seat all the way through. There were defiantly no dull moments in any of these episodes, it has been an action-packed season for Walking Dead.

There was also many twists and turns throughout and many times for you to guess what was actually going on between the characters. There were many moments to cry for and many moments that kept you unsure of what would happen next. For me, I am just hoping that the next half of season three is still as action-packed as this half has been because for me, this is what keeps me watching.


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