Wii U

After Nintendo’s 2006 release of the Wii with much success, they have decided that the time has come again in 2012 to release a new console, Wii U. Nintendo has a bigger audience for family gaming than Microsoft with the Xbox 360 and Sony with the PlayStation 3. But they have changed the path of their gaming by improving the graphics on the Wii U so games like Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty: Black Ops can be played which catches the eyes of gamers.There are still the classic games available on the Wii U that all families will know and love like New Super Mario Bros. U and Pikmin 3 to still advertise Nintendo to the family market. But there is the introduced to the games that Action gamers would love, Mass Effect 3 and Darksiders II.

In my opinion, I feel like Nintendo have released the Wii U to compete more with Microsoft and Sony. They have seen how successful the Xbox and PlayStation have been in the few short years of it being released that they want a console that competes more with these consoles that the Wii does. They have improved the graphics and processor within this console compared with the Wii to be able to play games that are available on PlayStation and Xbox. By doing this, they are not only appealing to the family market but also the market that love their Action games.This also means that Nintendo are advertising their console to a bigger audience, not just families like the Wii does. I completely understand why Nintendo have released the Wii U but for someone like me that has got the PlayStation and Xbox it isn’t appealing much to me.

The only thing that is appealing to me with the Wii U are the games that are only available on this console, games like ZombiU and Super Mario Bros.U. I do enjoy the  new games they have released for this console, Batman and Assassin’s Creed but for me I feel like I wouldn’t enjoy them as much as I do on the PlayStation and Xbox. I have yet to play a game on this console so my opinion isn’t because of me playing a game, it is because of me hearing about the console. I need to have full experience playing games on the Wii U before I can official say whether or not I like it.


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