Plymouth Mother’s Day disasters revealed

Every year we see the positive side to Mother’s Day -the hand-made gifts from children and the fathers going that extra mile to ensure nothing goes wrong and that the day is made special and all about mum.

Although not every Mother’s Day goes to plan for everyone.

We have found some Mum’s willing to tell all about their Mother’s Day disasters…

Down to a tea… As a young excited nine-year-old I tried to make mum a breakfast in bed she would never forget – I definitely made it one to remember! While walking up the stairs, tray in hand, I tripped over the dog’s toy. The cup of tea that I had especially made for mum went flying off the tray and went all over the wall thankfully missing mum.. just! Julie (Glenholt)

Not what I expected for breakfast in bed… My husband decided to make me breakfast in bed with the help our toddler, it was perfect – smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and a glass of champagne. Until, our toddler threw up all over my breakfast. My husband jumped out of bed banging his head on the overhanging wall which resulted in spending the morning at Derriford with a sick toddler and a husband with a very sore head. Let’s just say it wasn’t me getting all the attention that Mother’s Day! Elizabeth (Kingsbridge).

Forgetful children… My children forgot one year and I made sure they never forgot again – I leave an anonymous voicemail for them the week before! Di (Higher Compton)

A mother’s day I will remember for all the wrong reasons… Family coming from the other side of the world to attend a special meal at a well-known restaurant but this was completely ruined! Dirty glasses, incorrect order and the service, what service? The waitress didn’t have a clue. And to top it off we ate in our coats it was that cold. Rose (Saltash)

Worst present ever… My Husband thought buying me a wooden voodoo doll was a unique gift idea, where he got the idea for this I will never know. Every gift buying occasion has now been turned into a competition to see who can buy the worst gift. He will not be getting a bottle of whisky as a gift from me anytime soon. We now have a shelf dedicated to bad gifts. Justine (Chudleigh).

A thoughtful gesture… My son thought he was being thoughtful by giving me a bottle of wine. Little did I know, it was the wine that I had bought the previous day, he had taken it from my wine rack. I pretended I didn’t notice as I guess it’s the thought that counts… Lorna (Mannamead)

The joys of having a son… Mother’s day is about you giving a gift to your mum, well, last year I got in a bit of trouble with the police. My gift to my mum was her coming to the police station and spending £125 bailing me out. It may not have been a gift but at least she got to spend the day with me. J (Efford)

It’s bin one to remember… Men being men, we always leave things to the last minute. Rushing around to get my Mum a gift and the only shop I came across was a Plymco. Rushing against the clock to get a gift I ended up purchasing a bright yellow bin. I thought this was a great idea since the kitchen had just been redecorated bright yellow, it would match perfect. My mother did not agree, maybe I should have gone with the traditional flowers and chocolates. She’s not rubbish at all! Mark (Saltash).

Wrong time for a cat nap… My son and his family were coming for a late Sunday lunch to celebrate Mother’s day. I was so excited to see my gorgeous grandson. I had started to prepare the lunch just after 11am to make sure I had everything perfect and on the table for when they arrive. Just before they arrived I had laid everything out on the table and told my husband, who was sat in his chair, to watch the cat and make sure he doesn’t get on the table. I let my son in and as we walked in the dining area my husband was asleep and the cat had helped himself to the chicken and ran off with it. All that preparation to end up only having vegetables! Kathy (Lipson)

Distance is always a problem on occasions like Mother’s day but not for Heather… It is always sad when your children move, but when they move to a different city it makes it harder to pop over for a cup of tea. I will be unable to see my children and grandchildren this Mother’s day as they live in Bristol. On the other hand, modern technology is brilliant these days and they will still be in my living room, as I can facetime them…in my PJ’s! Heather (Saint Budeaux)


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