Column Bakehouse Breadmaking

Credit: Simon Burt

Do you wish you could make your own bread at home? Column Bakehouse situated in Devonport Guildhall is running courses this December on breadmaking. The courses are being delivered by Head Baker there, Gilles Defrance. Each course throughout December will focus on different styles of bread and will offer bakers of all skill levels opportunities to learn in a small, informal and relaxed environment.

There are three different courses in December, ‘An Introduction to Breadmaking’ will give beginners the opportunity to develop basic breadmaking skills and techniques to allow them to create a simple loaf. ‘Savoury Breads’ will show bakers how to add savoury elements to the bread creating a specialist bread and with Christmas around the corner, ‘Festive Breads’ will focus on a Christmas-inspired loaf perfect for the holiday.

The breadmaking courses will take place in the evening from 5pm to 8.30pm.

‘An Introduction to Breadmaking’ Thursday 4th December

‘Savoury Breads’ Friday 5th December

‘Festive Breads’ Saturday 6th December

Each course is just £55 per person and this includes all the ingredients and the use of equipment. Food and wine is also included in the price for bakers. These courses are limited to groups of up to 8 people, this providing a more intimate experience for everyone. To book your place on any of the breadmaking courses, call Devonport Guildhall on 01752 395028.


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