Fallout 4


This week Bethesda, an American video game publisher, announced the sequel to Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4.

It has been five years since Bethesda released a game for this franchise, fans of the series have been wishing for a sequel every year especially around big gaming events. Wanting Bethesda to announce the game in press conferences at major gaming events, when gaming magazines ask their fans what they would like to see announce for the new gaming year Fallout 4 is something that keeps appearing.

Not much is yet known about Fallout 4 but in the announcement trailer released by Bethesda, the game will take place in Boston. The trailer cuts between pre and post-apocalypse outline of the world, we are briefly shown real-world locations for Boston, Scollay Square, USS Constitution, Bunker Hill Monument and the Massachusetts State House, these locations being the connection to a post-apocalyptical Boston.

Entrance to Vault 111 is briefly shown, creating the impression that this Vault will be where the player’s journey into the wasteland will start. E3 press briefing in Los Angeles expects Bethesda to show more of Fallout 4 on June 14th, being the first time the company has hosted its own press conference.

Check out the announcement trailer here!


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