Work In Progress // Blogging 101

Hey Guys

I’m pleased to say we’ve been at it again! Its been a week since me and my friend Corinne Bygrave from Organic By Nerve released our last podcast. Now I’m excited to say there’s another!

The theme of this weeks podcast is Blogging 101! We decided to answer your questions from Facebook and Twitter about Blogging. We received quite a few, so we thank-you as you made our podcast. Without questions we probably would have spoken for hours about nothing relevant! It was interesting to see exactly what you want to know when it comes to Blogging, as sometimes people make it out to be the easiest thing to achieve.

So without further adieu, here is week three of our podcast series: Work In Progress.

Thank you again for listening, we do hope you’re enjoying our podcasts! The topic of our next podcast is Kick off Summer, we won’t give too much away as we want this to be a special one! So tune in Friday 1 July, to get ready for Summer 2016.

I would like to say a massive thank-you again to everyone who gave us questions to answer. We hope we answered your questions but if not or you have more, you can speak to us either on my twitter HERE or Corinne’s HERE.


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