Online Blogger Workshops – Good or Bad?

Blogging is becoming more of a normal thing, it allows everyone and anyone to express their feelings and thoughts through their online platform. FP Comms are a creative marketing and communication company. With their primary objective to build a stable future economy where businesses and bloggers can work together to create a more prosperous and profitable future.

On Thursday 11 August they hosted an online Blogger’s Event called ‘Blogger’s Event: The Ultimate Guide to Connecting Bloggers with Brands’ that I was kindly invited to. Using a software called Webinar, they were able to broadcast the workshop to anyone across the United Kingdom.

Like everything you attend, there are always positives and negatives. Today I am going to share with you my experience and thoughts about the ‘Blogger’s Event: The Ultimate Guide to Connecting Bloggers with Brands’ from FP Comms.

With the workshop broadcasted online, anyone across the United Kingdom can attend. For me this is a big thing as I live in Plymouth, a city located in the South West. So it’s pretty hard for me to attend special events like this as everywhere seems to be pretty far. It can work out quite expensive once you start adding travel and accommodation expenses.

I can understand though that this might also be an negative for some people as you’re not meeting anyone face to face. I do feel though that it’s better to meet new people in the flesh because you can understand how they talk and act. Also you may take in something they say differently because you can’t see their posture and expressions.

For me meeting new people is always nice, especially if they don’t live close by. It’s nice having a big community of people you know. That one day they might help you out with job opportunities if they’ve worked with you before. So having that opportunity to chat to them through technology is nice.

One massive problem with workshops online is technology as if you don’t have a very good WI-FI signal you might have problems throughout with loosing connections. I do realise that not everyone has good enough signal like I do. Throughout the whole workshop I didn’t once loose signal.

Other times though I might not be as lucky though, I believe it also depends on the time as internet signal seems to decrease in performance if more people are online. It just so happened that I was the only one online in my household as everyone else was away. Connection can be a problem both ways as sometimes software can let you down.

Webinar is a really easy and quick software to use, I received an email from FP Comms with a link to download Webinar. Once I had downloaded it, the event was all set up and ready to stream once it begun. I left Webinar running in the background so I didn’t have to worry about it leading up to the start.

I did download it quiet close to the start though! It was fine and I was able to download it within time, so I was happy with that. There was nothing much more I had to do to set it up, it was all done for me which was nice as I’ve never used the software before. It’s always nice to have a quick and easy software.

I would like to say a massive thank you to FP Comms for inviting me along, it was a pleasure. I really enjoyed the workshop and I hope to attend more in the future because I believe they really can help bloggers to improve. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! If you like to keep up to date with FP Comms and their work, check them out on Twitter HERE or their official website HERE.


Disclaimer: All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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