August 2016 – National Dog Day

Now a days there seems to be a day for just about anything! Each month I am going to share my favourite National Day. Starting with this month, August! Friday 26 August marks National Dog Day.

Founded in 2004 by Colleen Paige, Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert, National Dog Day is celebrated annually on 26 August. Colleen has also founded a range of other days to bring attention to the plight of animals and encourage adoption. Including National Puppy Day and National Cat Day.

National Dog Day celebrates dogs of all breeds, their mission is to inform the public about the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year. Along with acknowledging family dogs and dog that work each day to save lives. There are different jobs where dogs are involved.

Including personal protection, law enforcement and even detecting cancer and seizures. Along with celebrating the achievements dogs do every day, they also encourage people to adopt dogs rather than buying from pet stores. National Dog Day is seen to be a birthday for all dogs.

Dogs are one of my favourite animals and I hate seeing them in pain at the hand of man. After finding out about this day, I believe it’s something we should all celebrate as sometimes dogs give their lives to protect the people they love. They are man’s best friend and we should respect them.

Growing up I never had a dog, it wasn’t until recently after our cat died that as a family we decided to get a puppy. A year ago this month, we chose a little Cocker Spaniel pup who we named Biscuit. He is just perfect and I wouldn’t change him for the world. Most of the time he is a little monkey, but he is our monkey.

I hope you have liked this post! Especially the brief introduction to Biscuit. Let me know in the comments the name of your pet or event pets! Maybe in the future I will do an introduction to Biscuit. For more information about National Dog Day and how you can help head over to their official page HERE!



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