Infinity Crates August 2016

It’s here! August’s Infinity Crates has been shipped and delivered.

Infinity Crates is a United Kingdom based monthly subscription box that offers a new theme every month. There are four different crates on offer, Classic Crate for £16.99 plus p&p, Premium Crate for £23.99 plus p&p, Kids Crate for £16.99 plus p&p and T-Shirt Only Crate for £7.99 plus p&p. Every box is guaranteed a POP! Vinyl figure and a T-shirt.

The exclusive theme for this month’s crate is Crew.

The exclusive Pop! Vinyl figure I received this month was Falcon. Like last month, I know this character as he is a main character from Captain America: Civil War. I’m excited with this figure as he’s got his own cute stand! He becomes even more cuter when I found out he was a bobble head! Out of the characters I could have received I am happy, well maybe apart from a character from Toy Story!


Along with being guaranteed a Pop! Vinyl figure, you also receive a T-Shirt. This month I received one in the theme of the Avengers. I absolutely adore the Avengers, especially Hawkeye and Captain America. Exactly like last month’s T-Shirt, it is a bright red! So I doubt I will be wearing this tee very much. Maybe it will turn into another bed time tee. I think I will have a pretty neat collection of bed time tees soon!


These are the only two big items I received in this month’s crate. I received a cute card holder from The Walking Dead, with my favourite character Daryl Dixon on the front. These always come in handy, especially when you are travelling! Carrying on from the Suicide Squad theme from last month, a small keyring is included. I adore this because after watching the film, I have been addicted to this series!

IMG_8470 (2).JPG

Along with the Suicide Squad keyring, I also received a Joker sticker! This is awesome as I am a massive Joker fan. Now just to find somewhere to put Mr. J. This sticker is the cartoon version of him which makes it even more awesome. I also received another bottle opener this month. This one though is themed around Justice League which is the DC Comics equivalent to the Avengers from Marvel Comics.

Now something that I’m not too interested in is a Dragon Ball Z lanyard. I’m not a massive fan of Dragon Ball Z so I doubt I will use this for anything. It will just add to my lanyard collection! They always seem to come in use for something. I’m not sure what exactly but I’m sure I will find something. It’s bright and vibrant exactly what the Anime television show is.

IMG_8471 (2).JPG

If you would love to know what I received in previous crates, head over HERE to see July’s Infinity Crates.

That’s it for August’s Infinity Crates! If you’ve liked what you’ve seen why not subscribe, it’s a subscription box that I look forward to receiving every month so I hope you would too! You haven’t got long left to subscribe for the September crate so what are you waiting for, head over to their official site HERE for more information.



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