TRESemme Hair Care Routine

Having long hair has it’s pros and cons, mainly having to wash it three four times a week. I have long and thick hair so washing it regularly during the week is a must. Recently I have changed the products I use to wash my hair. I used to use standard shampoo and conditioner by TRESemme.

Now I have changed to their Beauty-Full Volume collection, I have probably been using this routine for the last month now and I am happy with the turn out. The reason I changed my routine was because they introduced conditioning before you shampoo. I never even thought of doing this.


I thought it would be good to try it out and see what it is like, I love the fact the condition bottle included a pump lid rather than the normal squeeze lid. Both the conditioner and shampoo have an amazing smell. It kind of smells good enough to actually eat. Apparently using conditioner before you shampoo can weigh your hair down.

So this is why TRESemme has introduced the reserve order, which they say will leave hair smooth and polished but still full of bounce. I will have to agree with them here! My hair feels lovely especially after two days since washing. I’m normally not one to use conditioner as I can never get it out of the bottle with its thick consistency.


I know some hair dressers dislike TRESemme, when I was asked what I was using, they said that TRESemme makes your hair greaser but I would disagree with this. Every time I have used products from TRESemme my hair has last longer with not being washed. Compared to using other products my hair doesn’t last.

Now the products are a bit expensive but I will admit so far washing my hair twice a week, I am still on the first bottles I brought. With them recently new when I purchased them, I was able to get them half price. It’s always best to shop around for the best deals though, as soon as I brought mine I saw them cheaper else where!

I hope you guys enjoyed this short post! Let me know in the comments what products you use for your hair. I know everyone is different so this might not work for you but I am of course really impressed with my results.



4 thoughts on “TRESemme Hair Care Routine

  1. I love this post! I have really long, thick hair too so completely understand the nightmares of having to find good shampoo’s/conditioners. I also use tresemme, I am loving the colour revitalise set lately. Since I have stopped dying my hair, I feel this duo keep my natural colour from looking so dull and it definitely has never made my hair greasy!

    Sarah | xx

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    1. That’s brilliant! See I have heard you shouldn’t use TRESemme as it leaves your hair looking greasy but it’s the only shampoo/conditioner that works wonders on my hair! I love it soo I’m sticking to it and I’m glad you love it too! Thank youu


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