Work experience in London with Teneo Blue Rubicon

A couple of weeks back, I received some good news, I was accepted for work experience that I applied for with the PR agency, Teneo Blue Rubicon. Now this was really good news for me as the company are based in London. So it’s a really good experience and something good to put on my CV.

So who are Teneo Blue Rubicon, they are a PR agency who work with companies like Nissan, Tesco, McDonald’s. How cool is that! I was super excited when I found out especially as I’ve never been to London by myself. So it would be a massive learning curve for me. I can now say I loved it and I am going to miss it.

Yes the tasks that I undertook were simple but of course, you’ve got to start somewhere and someone has to do those jobs! The main thing I learnt over the week was how to use a website called MyGorkana. Here you can find information and contact details for any journalist.

I was given a list of publications that I had to find a journalist in a specific field, who if we sent them a press release they would be interested in covering it. This was a repetitive task but at the same time good. As it widens my knowledge about journalists, the types of publications that are available to audiences as well as the sectors.

Along with quiet a few Media List I also undertook a lot of research, googling different companies to find relevant information that is required. Including searching events that would be of interested for a CEO to speak at. Their dates, locations and what actually is the event about.

Also researching some of the big pub chains in the United Kingdom and if they have done any community or charity work. Including the different types of charities and what they did to raise money. This is all important research to help out the client. Everything I accomplished was the beginning stages with companies.

Everything I produced for the different consultants, they were happy with the outcome. I’m really glad about this especially as most of it I haven’t done before! I received good feedback from everyone which is perfect. I know if I ask them for a reference they will give me a really positive one.

Not only did I boost my knowledge of the PR industry, I also massively boosted my confidence. As this was the first time I’ve been to London on my own. I have previously gone to the big city for educational trips but I was always with at least one person. So mastering the trains and tubes made me really proud of myself.

I didn’t have much time to explore as I started at nine and didn’t finish by half five. By that time I just wanted to get home. During my lunch breaks though I managed to explore the surrounding areas, with London being such a beautiful place I just had to take photos! Most of these I uploaded to Instagram.

If you wanna check them out in more detail then head over to my insta page HERE. I’m always uploading to insta so there’s always something news and exciting to check out!


So that’s it for now guys, hope you’ve liked this post. Let me know in the comments your favourite thing in London! I would love to know.


13 thoughts on “Work experience in London with Teneo Blue Rubicon

    1. Thank youu lovely! It was amazing, best time of my life, I would do it all over again if I could. I would love to work with a PR Agency. I’ve had previous experience with the tubes but nothing during the rush hour though! I felt really proud of myself mastering them. It was hella scary, I don’t miss that part!


  1. I think it is really nice that you went to London by yourself, that is such a big thing. Especially because London is so big. The first time I went to London I was so nervous. This Is a great post and I hope you had a lovely time!

    Sophia /

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