KitKat Chocolatory London

While I was in London at the beginning of this month, I had the opportunity to visit the KitKat Chocolatory at the Westfield Shopping Centre. As I follow Nestle UK & I News on Twitter they were tweeting about the launch. I just had to visit the pop-up shop as it was only open for five weeks.

This was such a cool experience as there’s never been anything else like this in not only the United Kingdom but Europe as well. Everyone was really welcoming, asking if I was OK. The main thing they were marketing here was ‘Create Your Break’, which as the title suggests, you are able to create your own KitKat.


How cool is that! I loved this idea especially as there are just three simple steps. Number one, choosing your chocolate base. There’s either milk, white or dark chocolate to choose from. As white chocolate is my favourite, I thought I would go for that, as well as knowing no-one at home would eat it!

Next you are able to choose up to three toppings of your choice from a set selection. There’s all kind of choices here, it was a struggle! In the end I went for Raspberry and Shortbread, as these were by far my favourite. I also thought these would go perfectly with white chocolate.

The last stage is choosing who you wish to give this too and the design on the front. I was unsure if I should address this to the other half but was unsure if he would like it. Especially as I didn’t really think he would like the ingredients seeing as I had chosen them with me in mind.

Once the name was chosen you were then able to choose from a range of designs for the box. Including patterns, cute animals and of course designs linking to the location! From crazy tube lines to a collection of London landmarks, I thought this was fitting for a design.


Of course, with these all being freshly made because they can’t guarantee who would chose what flavours, there was quiet a long waiting time of 90minutes. I didn’t mind too much as at least it was freshly done for you! But with me sneaking here during my lunch break I didn’t have that time to spare.

With them not closing until after seven I was able to pop back after I had finished my work experience. This was perfect as I could see this working with working people in mind, not just the tourists! It was much quieter when I came back so I was able to take in the shop a little better.

What I liked was the displays they had for everything, at the front they had a display of just some of the different variants you could create. Along with those flavours you could buy if you didn’t want to make your own. It was super crisp and clean, to me it didn’t feel like a pop-up shop.


I can safely say, I would give a ten outta ten for my KitKat creation! I would love to go back and create some more, as there was just so many flavours. But with me living in Plymouth, it’s just such a long way just for chocolate.. Right? Maybe if it’s popular enough they will keep the store in London.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments if you have visited the store and your thoughts about it. Would be nice hearing other people’s opinions as no-one around me really knows about the store. You can visit up until Tuesday 8 November, so maybe a cool Christmas present idea?



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