Dirty Works You Soft Touch Hand Cream

With suffering from sensitive skin, I find that I have to moisturise myself quiet a lot throughout the day. Morning and night using body lotion and then during the day hand creams. Recently I have been using a new hand cream and I think I have fallen in love. The hand cream is from Dirty Works, a British brand that is exclusive to Sainsbury’s.

They have everything in their range from facial skincare to bodycare. Along with some helpful accessories and beauty bags for your travels. I had come across the brand originally on Twitter when a blogger I followed wrote a review on their hand cream. I didn’t go on a search for the products, I just stumbled across them while in Sainsbury’s.


I recongised the products on the shelves and immediately looked to Twitter to see if they were the same products. I’m not really a fan of body butter or scrub but when I picked up the hand cream I was interested. As I think I’m a bit addicted to hand creams as I just love trying new ones before even finishing the previous!

The packaging stands out to me, it has a retro/1950s feel to it, with it’s bright deep coral pink colouring with polka dots all over it. It’s just super cute and this was another reason for me falling in love with it. The sizing is in the middle, it’s not a perfect travel size, depending on how big of a handbag you have! But it’s not too small that you will loose it.

The consistency has to be right for me, this is not too thick but not too thin either. It’s perfect for a nice one minute massage on your hands. With your hands not feeling sticky afterwards like some hand creams. The smell, oh my word. I do not know how to describe it, but it is amazing! It has a floral and fruity kind of smell.


It’s quiet strong when you first use it but after a little while, it becomes faint. It absorbs into my hands quiet quickly which is nice as I can use my phone and laptop afterwards without having to worry about it. I don’t feel like I have to constantly use it throughout the day. I can also feel the softness and I think this is helped by the Cocoa Butter and Shea.

These main ingredients adds a lot of hydration to my dry hands. With all this for only £2.50, I am very happy! I have had it now for maybe over a month and it still feels very full. Trying out this hand cream has made me want to try out the rest of the products, so look out for a Dirty Works Haul in the future.

I hope you have liked this post. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried anything from Dirty Works. Was it what you expected? In the UK, I know these products are exclusive to Sainsbury’, if you leave outside of the UK head over to their website HERE to see if you can pick them up!


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