Dorkface Mini-Haul

I love it when you’ve ordered something online and then a couple of days later it’s sat on your mat just waiting for you to open it. Recently I did a small order from Dorkface’s Etsy store. For those of you who don’t know who Dorkface is, real name Jemma Humphreys, she is a blogger and founder of the Girl Gang.

From following her on Twitter I see her cute designs from her store pretty much daily. It was getting to the point that I loved them so much, I felt I needed to purchase some aswell as giving her some support. It was tricky deciding exactly what I wanted to purchase as there was a range of different things.

Along with her prints she also sells stickers and paintings, some of these are super cute. With Halloween around the corner I thought it would be nice to pick up her Halloween Sticker Pack. When I received this, I think I fell in love even more with them. They are just super cute and adorable!


These stickers make Halloween look fun rather than scary and haunting like it normally is made out to be. I’m not a big fan of being scared so I prefer the happy cute side of Halloween which is definitely what these stickers bring along. I can see myself using these on Halloween buntings for decoration or even just sticking them on my notebooks.

Along with the Halloween Sticker Pack, I also ordered the Girl Gang Sticker Pack. As I said earlier, Jemma is the founder of the Girl Gang so I thought this pack was cute to order seeing as I’m a member of this bloggers community. These stickers will look cute in my notebooks. Maybe I could even use them in my planner for Girl Gang Events.


These stickers will look cute on the front of my notebooks that I use for my blogging ideas, at least I can tell from the front what is inside! I have so many notebooks I need something on the front to show the difference. There is a couple of each stickers in the pack which is nice as that means I don’t just have to have one plan for them.

Along with the two sticker packs, I also brought one of her prints, Sassy Yas Queen. While looking through her store I noticed this and thought how me it was! Also including my friends at university because it just seems to be our phrase. We loving saying yaas along with also calling one another Queen.


It’s a simple design along with the colours which work really well! I just now need to grab a super cute frame that works with the colours. I think a trip to Paperchase might be in order. I was quiet worried about how it would come in the post, with it being a thin A5 print. It came in a plastic wallet which was really good as it protected the print.

Overall I am very happy with these, I am super glad I ordered them. I can see myself ordering some more in the future. They are very cute and cheerful and I love that I’m supporting Jemma. I hope to see some Christmas stickers as I will definitely be picking these up as that is my second favourite holiday.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! I’m sure Jemma would love it if you popped over to her Etsy store HERE. There is a lot to see on her store so go give her some love. If you do fancy purchasing something you can use discount code DORKFACE10 to receive 10% off your order! How awesome is that. 



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