Mango Body Butter from The Body Shop

The Body Shop is quickly becoming my favourite shop and not just because of their work against animal testing. Their products are very much value for money, along with purchasing my skin care range from them, I also buy my lotions. There are just so many flavours to choose from, with my current favourite flavour of Body Butter being Mango.

I am a massive lover of Mango and this Body Butter reminds me so much of it, it’s perfect! With having sensitive skin, I’ve got to be careful what I have to use, along with sensitive skin, I also have dry skin. So moisturizing my skin is a must and I feel like this Body Butter does this perfect.

The effect on my skin is long lasting so I don’t have to use it as much as some body lotions, as it leaves my skin hydrated and smooth, which is perfect. What is also helpful is that it doesn’t leave me feeling sticky, which can sometimes happen no matter how much lotion you put on. This is horrible if you do this before getting dressed like I do.


I was unsure about using a Body Butter as I didn’t think it would be as effective as lotions in a bottle. After using it for nearly a month now I have gotten used to it and I’m loving it, I feel like I don’t need to use very much to get a good coverage which is nice. I also was a bit worried about having to scoop it out, but it’s not as bad as it seems.

For a 200ml pot, it’s £14 which I suppose isn’t too bad as it does last a while, The Body Shop are also pretty good for putting these on sale as low as £6. Which makes it even better! With Christmas around the corner they will make the perfect present, especially if you buy the different little products, handy for little stocking fillers aswell.

I hope you have liked this post! Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of The Body Shop’s Body Butters and your favourite flavour. I’m thinking about popping in again and seeing if I can pick up some Christmas smellies to get me in the mood.



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