Soap & Glory Bubble Decker Bus Tour

It always seems to help to know the correct person when it comes to events in Plymouth, especially those that just don’t seem to be advertised nearly enough as others. I know the Soap & Glory Student Ambassador at Plymouth University, who kindly invited me to the Soap & Glory Bubble Decker Bus Tour last week.


When I saw the invitation I was pretty much sold on the idea, after reading what Soap & Glory had planned. From makeovers to tattoos and dance classes to popcorn and of course, freebies! Everyone loves freebies. When I arrived, all the Soap & Glory girls were really friendly and welcoming.

They immediately called me over and offered me a free goodie bag. As long as I followed them on Instagram. Following on from here I was offered a free glitter tattoo. I of course said yes, seeing as online it said all the sessions were booked up! I had the choice of four different ones, I went for I Ain’t Sorry with a cute kiss on the end.


I’m super happy with it, it’s cute and small which is nice! The women who did it was really friendly and chatted throughout it. The colours are really nice and girly, I think if my friend went with me we would have got matching ones. They had one that said In Squad We Trust, which to me is so us!

I had a quick tour of the bus after this, on the bottom floor was the tattoo station with the welcome desk. Here another women was showing the new Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter 3-in-1 Ultra Rich & Creamy Body Wash, which smelt amazing! Also showing the great offer from Boots, when you buy two full size products you can get a phone charger free.


Perfect for Christmas, which is now just round the corner.Taking a trip upstairs was VIP Boudoir. This was a competition they were doing where you would win being waited on hand and food with pampering freebies, champagne, sweets and hair braids. Up here was also the entrance to the pink slide which allowed you to travel down the bus in style.

From my trip here, I sure picked up some freebies/samples, including two travel size Clean On Me Shower Gel, a pink and white stick of rock, 20% off in Boots when I buy full-sized Soap & Glory products and finally a free personalisation at the Boots Emporium. These are pretty good freebies, perfect for those Christmas presents.


Overall it was a cool event, I feel though it would be better if you went with friends. So you could enter yourselves in the dance classes and have fun with one another there. As well as taking photographs on the mini stage they had outside. It’s pretty cool having events like this coming to Plymouth and I hope more companies do events like this.

I hope you like this post! I really enjoyed going and I hope Soap & Glory do some more events like this, along with other companies. I love going to events meeting new people and exploring new products. Let me know in the comments if the Bubble Decker Bus Tour came to a city near you and what you thought about it.



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