Theatre Royal Plymouth Bloggers

I have got some very exciting news!

A little while ago, I applied for a Bloggers Scheme in Plymouth with our local Theatre. I am very pleased to say I am a part of this amazing opportunity, along with nine other content makers from the city. On Tuesday, we were invited down to Theatre Royal Plymouth for the launch evening.


This was a perfect occasion, as it was the first time that we got to meet everyone on the scheme. We were in for a treat, as not only were we going to watch BIG the Musical but we had an exclusive backstage tour with Gary Wilmot, who plays George MacMillan. This was an amazing insight, as I’ve never been backstage before.

We got to see the different stage props they use for the locations, the amazing houses. The toy shop centre piece, with all its massive cuddly toys, aeroplane on the top, which looks like something from a child’s imagination. I learnt a lot here, especially with the amazing special effects the screen can produce.

Anything can be broadcasted on the screens, to produce an amazing backdrop for the different scenes. The stage was a three part revolving, which allowed the different plates to revolve to speed up the changing of scenes. Also introducing new props onto the stage. It’s amazing how far technology has come in theatre.

With the backstage tour over, we were handed our tickets and the excitement kicked in, I was going to watch a musical at the theatre!

Big The Musical Credit - Alastair Muir.jpg
Credit: Alastair Muir

I am not going to spoil it because you need to watch it yourself, so all I’m going to say is it was absolutely amazing! Jay McGuiness was amazing as Josh Baskin, a few years ago, I would have never imagined him being on stage. With Diana Vickers as Susan Lawrence, she has an amazing voice! The whole cast are really talented and they made the show extra special.

I would like to say a massive thank-you to the Theatre Royal Plymouth for this amazing opportunity. It’s a perfect experience for me and I know I am going to love every second. Let me know in the comments your favourite musical or theatre performance. I would love to know.



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