A Thousand Views Celebration

I am proud to say An Ocean Glimmer has officially received 1,000 views! This is amazing news and I am super proud of myself, along with everyone who has been supportive. I thought I would share with you my five favourite posts in the history of my blog, without further ado let’s begin.

1. Holland & Barrett Beauty Kitchen

So my first favourite post is Holland & Barrett Beauty Kitchen. The reason for choosing this post is because it was my first official event as a blogger. Thanks to the Plymouth Blogger’s Facebook page,  I was able to find out about their launch. I fell in love with the Holland & Barrett More store, along with the added Beauty Kitchen.

Along with loving the store itself, I had so much support for this piece afterwards. With Beauty Kitchen sharing it across their official Twitter and Facebook page. This was the first time I received this much support from a company. Since its upload in July, it has been a feature on their official website in their news section.

Read the post HERE


2. Dorkface Mini-Haul

This is a recent post on my blog, but doesn’t mean I don’t love it. With looking at Jemma’s work for a while now, I just had to pick up some of her stickers. Especially as I fell in love with her Halloween sticker pack and it was the week before Halloween, so I had to pick them up. I received a lot of support from Jemma, she loved the piece!

Which made me really happy to receive that kind of support from another blogger. This might sound a little odd but the sticker packs seemed to be really photogenic. The photos came out really well, better than I thought. It’s always nice when this happens, as it shows I am improving every time.

Read the post HERE


3. FP Comms presents the Blogger’s Event

This was a pretty special post for me as I worked very closely with FP Comms. I loved writing this post, along with the other two that followed. Like Holland & Barrett Beauty Kitchen, this was the first time I was in partnership with a company. I know it was briefly, but it was nice.

I received a lot of love from the company with them repeatedly sharing my posts on their official Facebook and Twitter. This partnership showed me that I am good at what I’m doing and that there is a small selection of companies that do wish to help bloggers out. I feel like they helped me out massively and I would love to work with FP Comms again.

Read the post HERE


4. Work In Progress // Introductions, Sound & WIN Tickets To Dartmoor Zoo

For a while now, me and my friend have been wanting to produce a Podcast together. With having the equipment at our university, we were able to do it all for free. In June, we decided to go with it and create a four part Podcast series called Work In Progress. This was a good experience as it got us closer and we learnt a lot.

Out of the four that we produced, my favourite was our first one. We of course were chatting for too long, we created an 54minutes podcast oops. But we loved every minute, I loved doing it every week and I of course looked forward to it. With being journalists we are looked to be creative like this, so hopefully we get some extra credit here!

Read more HERE


I would like to give a massive shout out to Corinne Bygrave. My amazing bestest friend from university, who is the amazing author behind Organic By Nerve. You can check out her blog HERE. I have been there for her with her blog, so it’s amazing to receive the same support from her with my blog.

She is always there if I need some help and advice, especially with her being in this game longer than me. We bounce off one another for ideas, which is amazing. Of course, she is also my plus one to most of the events I attend. And there is some amazing collaborations with her in the future, so look out for them.

I hope you have liked this post! Let me know in the comments what you love about my blog. As well as what you would love to see in the future from me. I don’t want to run out of ideas for An Ocean Glimmer because I am lovely it at the moment. I hope there are many more of these moments in the future and a big thank-you to you!



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