Brunch Date in Rockets and Rascals

Plymouth is a great city for cafes and restaurants, there’s always a little gem to be found within the city. Not only do we have big names like Wetherspoons, Nandos and Frankie and Benny’s. We’ve also have local favourites like RumpusCosy, Boston Tea Party and Rockets and Rascals.

When ever I go out with my best friend Corinne Bygrave, we also try and eat at different places. We like being adventurous and trying new things. With Plymouth having so many nice cafes and restaurants, we have yet to visit everywhere once.While walking through the Barbican, we walked past Rockets and Rascals and I fell in love with the exterior.

Earlier this week when we visited the small cafe on the harbor for brunch, the inside is as good as the exterior. As well as it being a cafe, the back is a bike emporium, which makes this little place even special. Even though it was quite late in the morning, it was still relatively busy.


I suppose with it being a bike emporium, you can tell the types of people that would visit. I felt that it would be very much just cyclists wanting to visit, but all types of people visited. I love the feeling in the cafe, everyone was very welcoming and friendly. For a first time visit, this was good as we both felt invited.

With Breakfast still on the menu, it was a hard decision, do I go for something like a bacon sandwich or do I go for waffles, but oh there’s also toasted teacakes. In the end we both decided on the toasted teacakes, which I loved! They are a firm favourite for me if they are on the menu, but of course, every where you go, they seem to taste different.

To me, the place gives off a rustic feel, with it’s wooden tables and counters. There are mismatched chairs but they don’t feel out of place. They are a similar style but there is just one different feature on them. For what I had, the prices are very reasonable. The whole bill came to just under £10, that was two teacakes, a latte and a tea.

For students and anyone on a budget, this place is perfect. Especially as the teacakes filled me up and the latte was a good size. We will definitely be visiting this place again, probably for a lunch date rather than breakfast. Their lunch menu changes daily, so you never know what there until you visit.


You can find Rockets and Rascals in the Barbican, along with a smaller cafe at the Royal William Yard. There is also a cafe and emporium located in Poole, Dorset, but these are the only three locations so far.

I hope you have liked this post! I really enjoyed visiting Rockets and Rascals. I will definitely be visiting again. Let me know in the comments your favourite local cafe. Do you return because you adore the menu, along with the friendliness of the staff?



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