Blogmas 2016 // Introduction

Christmas is bar far my favourite time of the year, along with it getting colder, it’s a time all about family. I just love everything that comes along with Christmas, the food and drinks, decorating and of course, just being with friends and family. December marks a big month for Bloggers as they take part in the madness that is Blogmas.

So, what is Blogmas I hear you say? Well, it basically means that from December 1st to December 25th Bloggers will be posting stuff on a daily basis. There is also an equivalent for Vloggers with Vlogmas. I’ve never done this before, so this makes me more excited to participate this year. The content does not need to all be about Christmas.

I knew about Blogmas last year after Corinne from Organic By Nerve introduced me to it while she was participating, but I didn’t feel like I was ready for daily posting. Now I’m a bit more confident with my blog I can not wait to get started. I’ve got some really good posts lined up and I can not wait to show you them.

I’m planning to do at least two Christmas posts a week and of course mixing it up with Food, Beauty and Lifestyle. Corinne will also hopefully be making an appearance, as with her moving to Plymouth we can do a lot more fun stuff together. Including decorating her house for Christmas, how exciting!

I will be kicking off Blogmas 2016 with the ‘Blogger’s Christmas Beauty Brawl’. A Christmas collaboration with other Bloggers, where we will be reviewing ten products from the same criteria. I’m really excited about participating, as this will be my first collaboration with other bloggers. You can find out more about the collaboration HERE.

I hope this will be a fun experience and you’ll enjoy this just as much as me. Let me know in the comments what you would like to see during my Blogmas. Of course, wish me luck on actually making it, 25 posts in 25 days!



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