Blogger’s Christmas Beauty Brawl 2016 // Barry M Super Natural Review

It’s Day 2 of our Blogger’s Christmas Beauty Brawl 2016 and I couldn’t be more happier to show you what I’m reviewing. Today, I will be reviewing the Super Natural Eyeshadow Palette from Barry M. Now, I will let you know on a little secret, I am not the biggest fan of make-up, so I decided to go with a colour scheme that I would wear daily.

As the name of the palette suggests, all the shades are very natural. There is nothing within this palette that is bright and vibrant, which to me is perfect. The palette is a mixture of neutral matte to shimmery metallic, which I love as there seems to be a version of each with the shades.

It’s a really good colour spectrum, as there’s a pale nude then going into rose gold and lastly a brown. The rose gold shade is bar far my favourite shade, it’s really nice and I can see myself using this shade a lot. I love rose gold, it’s an amazing colour. I sometimes don’t like palettes, as I can never find one where I like nearly all the shades.


This palette though I can safely say, I like all the shades apart from the two darker shades. I don’t think I will use this as much as the other colours. Out of the eight shades, to only have two I don’t like, I’m happy with that. I think this is because I like to be natural in my make-up. So these two colours are completely opposite to that.

The price of this palette is quiet reasonable, at £6.49 I am happy with it, especially as you can spend upto £40 on some Eyeshadow Palettes. It’s a good size palette aswell, with it being long and thin, it’s perfect for travelling. This can sit quiet happily at the bottom of your make-up bag and not take up all the room.

Within the palette, there’s two double-ended applicators which are really good with applying. I like double-ended applicators, as you are able to use one side to brush on and then the second to blend with ease. Having these within the palette is perfect for travelling along with the good size mirror on the opposite side.

Eyeshadow 1.jpg

So for the Super Natural Eyeshadow Palette from Barry M, I give it;

Packaging – 96

Price – 89

Product – 95

I hope you have enjoyed today’s Blogger’s Christmas Beauty Brawl 2016 review. Day 2 down, Day 3 tomorrow, where I will be reviewing the Revolution Strobe Highlighter, so keep your eye out for that! You can keep upto date with everyone’s posts using #beautybrawl16 on Twitter and Instagram.

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