Blogger’s Christmas Beauty Brawl 2016 // Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara Review

It’s Day 4 of the Blogger’s Christmas Beauty Brawl 2016, today’s beauty product is the Big Fatty Mascara by Urban Decay. Now, I’ve had this mascara for a little while, since attending their launch event for their Alice in Wonderland collection. But I have yet to use it probably, so I thought I would wipe of the dust.

I love this mascara as it’s perfect for me, mascara is bar far my favourite make-up product. The size of the product is a little big, so it might not be that easy for travelling! But as I don’t carry that much make-up it’s perfect. The brush is perfect to apply to your lashes, with thin bristles, there is coverage everywhere.

Mascara 1.jpg


Some mascaras can be prone to clumps but with this one, I haven’t experienced any clumps yet. I just hate it when your applying your mascara and there’s lumps of mascara on your lashes. Trying to get them off is never the easiest, I hate having lumps. Urban Decay say that this mascara can thicken, lengthen and enhance curl.

Now I’m quite lucky as I already have long lashes, so when I put mascara on them, boom they grow massively. I have noticed though that the mascara does thicken my lashes, which I love, as I hate when mascara leaves your lashes looking like sticks. I have found aswell that I only need to put on one coat to get the perfect effort.


I suppose though, after applying the first coat, a second coat could make your lashes bigger and fatter. Some mascaras do need two coats to get the perfect coverage. But for this mascara, the brush is perfect in creating a good look. There are so many different ingredients within this mascara that contributes to bigger and thicker lashes.

Hemp Seed Oil moisturises and softens lashes, whilst Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil rejuvenates and hydrates lashes. While protecting them from free-radical damage. The brush doesn’t look that impressive but it is, with the uniquely shaped brush that latches onto the lashes. The end bristles work wonders on the corner lashes.

Mascara 3.jpg

I can’t actually remember how much this mascara was, nor can I find it online to let you know but what I do remember, is that it was very expensive. Of course, because it’s from Urban Decay, I know it was expensive but it was totally worth it! The quality of the product is amazing as well, which makes it even more worth it.

So for the Big Fatty Mascara from Urban Decay, I give it;

Packaging – 96

Price – 80

Product – 95

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post! I can’t believe how quick the days are going. It’s already the 4th December and it’s speedy by. Tomorrow, I will be reviewing a blush from Collection for the mid-way point of the Blogger’s Christmas Beauty Brawl 2016. You can keep upto date with everyone’s posts using #beautybrawl16 on Twitter and Instagram.

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