Blogger’s Christmas Beauty Brawl 2016 // Collections Colour Lash Review

It is officially Day 6 of the Blogger’s Christmas Beauty Brawl 2016 and today, I will be reviewing another Collection product. Their Colour Lash Clear Mascara, yees I hear you cry, it’s Brow Product day and this isn’t an obvious Brow Product but I’ll let you into a little secret.

My fellow blogger friend told me that she used this clear mascara on her brows. What I hear you say? It’s a mascara, well, apparently it’s really good for setting your eyebrows. When she said about using this product on my brows, I was a little unsure with what she was saying.


Apparently you can use it to shape your eyebrows and the clear mascara keeps the shape. After trying it myself, I can tell you that it works really well! It shapes my brows really well and most importantly, it holds them. Throughout the day, I don’t need to re-apply, which is perfect!

This is a bonus for me, as I’m always on the go so I don’t have the time to constantly sort out my brows. Meaning with this, the product will go that extra way, as I only need to use it once a day. Now, the crazy thing about this product, is that this is not what it was designed for! It was designed for your lashes rather than your brows oops.


I suppose it kind of does the same thing with your brows, that it’s meant to do with your lashes! For me, this is a really nice product, it’s super simple and very easy to use. You can get similar products like this, of course, every make-up brand has their own version. For the price though, at £1.99 I am very happy with it, it does exactly what I brought it for.

It’s handy as there’s two ways to use it. Even though it is a cheap product, the gel isn’t sticky or clumpy, to help it keep your brows in place all day. I’ve only used this on my brows currently, but when I decide to use it on my lashes I will use a new wand. Maybe some disposable mascara wands, they will come in handy for other things as well.

So for the Clear Mascara from Collection, I give it;

Packaging – 90

Price – 100

Product – 95

There we go guys, Day 6 of the Blogger’s Christmas Beauty Brawl 2016 is now over. The days are quickly going by, tomorrow I will be reviewing Ultra Colour Matte Lipstick from Avon. You can keep upto date with everyone’s posts using #beautybrawl16 on Twitter and Instagram.

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