Blogger’s Christmas Beauty Brawl 2016 // Rose Hand Lotion Review

It’s nearing the end of the Blogger’s Christmas Beauty Brawl 2016, it’s Day 9 and I will be reviewing a Rose Hand Lotion that I came across in my local Flying Tiger store. While browsing through my local store, I came across this colourful Hand Lotion. I am quite addicted to Hand Lotions, I love them to bits especially when they smell nice!

With suffering from sensitive and dry skin, I just always seem to be moisturising my hands. The Lotion smells really nice, I can’t exactly place the smell but I’m guessing it’s something to do with the scent of Rose. It’s not over powering like some Lotions I have had previously. I am quite specific over the types I will use, I don’t know exactly why but I am.

I will say though that the consistency is quite watery based. These are normally not my favourite, as the waterier it is, it seems to take longer to be absorbed on my hands. But this product is completely different. With the Lotion being quickly absorbed, I can use this on the go. I hate Lotions that make your hands sticky and greasy after you use them.


Because you have to wait longer to actually do anything. My hands feel really nice afterwards, which is lovely especially with dry skin. I feel like this Lotion really helps with my skin and I’m glad I picked it up. I would say though the size of the product is quite big to actually use as a travel Lotion.

I feel like bigger products, take up more room in your hand bag, with having a big bag I’m able to carry this size. But if I go out for the evening and use a smaller bag, this would take up most of the room! I think that’s the only con to this Lotion. I think I’m addicted to Lotions, I am always on the lookout for a new lotion to try.

One thing I like about browsing in Flying Tiger, is their prices. For the products they sell, they have reasonable prices for them. This Lotion was only £2, for the sizing and the quality of it, to me this is a bargain. Especially as I have spent up to £5 on some Lotions for them to not even be good.

So for the Rose Hand Lotion from Flying Tiger, I give it;

Packaging – 80

Price – 100

Product – 95

I hope you have enjoyed Day 9 of the Blogger’s Christmas Beauty Brawl 2016! Tomorrow, officially marks the end of the collaborative brawl, it will be a sad site! My last review will be of Collection’s Cover up Stick. You can keep upto date with everyone’s posts using #beautybrawl16 on Twitter and Instagram.

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