Blogger’s Christmas Beauty Brawl 2016 // Collection Cover Up Stick Review

Well guys, can you believe it, it is Day 10 of the Blogger’s Christmas Beauty Brawl 2016. This amazing collaboration has come to an end, a very sad moment.

It’s not over just yet though, today I will be reviewing the Cover Up Stick from Collection. Yes, I know what you’re thinking! Another Collection product, well, they are a really good cosmetic company, along with being value for money. Now, this Concealer comes in three different shades, Light, Natural Beige and Honey Beige.


With having very light skin, the decision on the shade wasn’t exactly hard. I picked up the shade Light, with my friend also recommending this shade for me. This Concealer is very straight forward, it actually looks like it is a Lipstick, which I believe makes it easier to apply. This product has been designed to be directly applied to your blemishes.

I’m happy with the outcome, it’s super easy to cover my blemishes, along with it being easy to blend. As it is a creamy formulation, this is what makes it so easy to be blended. On Collection’s website they recommend that you use your finger, to gently blend until the joins between Concealer and Foundation are seamless.


It works really well to do this, a lot easier than I had originally thought! The size of the Concealer is fairly small, it’s very much a handbag/travel size. Which is perfect for on the go and if you just need that little touch up. The size is also related to the prize, at only £1.99, I would continue to buy this product, it has done exactly what I brought it for.

So for the Cover Up Stick from Collection, I give it;

Packaging – 95

Price – 100

Product – 95

There we go guys! The end is now here for the Blogger’s Christmas Beauty Brawl 2016, I hope you have enjoyed my reviews. Along with the other amazing bloggers that joined in with the collaboration. Don’t worry though, there are some exciting things coming to An Ocean Glimmer. I will be continuing with Blogmas, so look out for tomorrow’s post where I will be unboxing November’s Crate from Infinity Crates.



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