Blogmas Day 11 // Infinity Crate November 2016

Better late than never. November’s Infinity Crates has been shipped and delivered.

Infinity Crates is a United Kingdom based monthly subscription box that offers a new theme every month. There are four different crates on offer, Classic Crate for £16.99 plus p&p, Premium Crate for £23.99 plus p&p, Kids Crate for £16.99 plus p&p and T-Shirt Only Crate for £7.99 plus p&p. Every box is guaranteed a POP! Vinyl figure and a T-shirt.

The exclusive theme for this month’s crate is Page to Screen.

The exclusive Pop! Vinyl figure I received this month was Robin, the Batman Classic TV Series version. This is a pretty cool figure, as it’s the old-school Robin, so it’s colourful and vibrant. I adore any characters from Marvel or DC Comics, especially anyone from Batman. Of course, with the theme being Page to Screen this figure fits in perfectly! As well as him being my only Batman character.


Along with being guaranteed a Pop! Vinyl figure, you also receive a T-Shirt. This month shirt just happens to be one of my favourite comic character. It’s only Captain America! This is super cool, the colours are very bright and vibrant and I love his action pose. It’s a white T-Shirt so it’s a perfect colour for daily wear.


Normally after these two items, you receive smaller items, like keyrings and stickers. This month though, I would say I received three big items, the third being a cushion cover. Yes, you heard me right. I received this very snazzy cushion cover with Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. I love the design of this, it’s perfect. I think I need to buy a simple cushion so I can display it in my bedroom.


Now moving onto the smaller items of the Crate, I received this very cool looking Platform 9 ¾ bag tag. It’s absolutely perfect for your luggage, as it has a part to write your name on the back, just in case you lose your luggage on your way to Hogwarts. Following on from the Harry Potter theme, there is also this small figurine.

Now this comes from a little secret container, where you don’t actually know what you’ve got until you open it! I used to love these as a kid, put your money into the machine, out comes a little egg shaped pot. The excitement over what is in the pot and then the disappointment when you find out it’s a character you don’t know.

It seems like every Crate, I receive a sticker, for this month I received the Jurassic Park logo with a black background. This is a nice size sticker but I still don’t know where I’m going to place it! I recon it will just go into my collection of stickers that I have received from my Crates.


After the disappointment recently with my Crates. I am glad to say I am happy with everything that I received. So I would like to say a massive thank-you to Infinity Crates for listening to me and sorting out my interests! I am hopeful of this continuing and I am really happy to receive December’s Crate.

If you would love to know what I received in previous crates, head over HERE to see October’s Infinity Crates.

Well, there will go guys! November’s Infinity Crate, now if you fancy getting your hands on January’s crate you have a total of 25 days left to subscribe! I will say these Crates are worth the price! Especially if you only count the Pop! Vinyl and T-Shirt.



8 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 11 // Infinity Crate November 2016

  1. OH my god I never knew about this I so want to do it! How does it work? Do you have to do it every month for a year or something like a contract or do you just pay whatever month you fancy one? I’m really interested in this and so jealous of your Daryl Dixon pillow case haha! – Sarah xoxo

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