Blogmas Day 12 // ASDA Homeware Haul

For a little while now, I’ve been looking around different stores to find a cute Christmas Bedding. It probably took me a bit longer than I would have originally liked, I seemed to have a certain look I was going for. I was actually ready to give up, as there was nothing that took my fancy.

I looked in Matalan, The Range, Tesco, nope nothing. Until I popped into ASDA, I adore their George Home Range, there’s always something there that I fall in love with! Especially with them being good value for money. I came across this really cute Tartan Pattern bedding. I fell in love with it massively, especially with a price tag of £13 for single!

I also like that it’s reversible, with one side a mixture of merry reds and fresh greens, with the other side featuring contrasting colours. The colours are very Christmassy but also could work to be a daily bed set. This bedding feels really nice, it’s something called Brushed Cotton.


Before buying this duvet I didn’t even know that was a thing, let along what it was! This could actually be one of the best duvet sets I have ever brought, it’s super warm and very snugly! A perfect duvet for Winter, since using this I have been warm every single night. Compared to before where I just had to have the heating on.

Along with the warmth of the duvet, I also picked up a simple red fleece throw. Which lays nicely over the duvet and matches perfect. This was only £5, which is very good money for something this good of quality. It’s super warm and soft to touch, I sometimes use this just to wrap around me when I’m at my desk to keep in my warmth.

This has added the small Christmassy touch I needed to my room, I’ve been wanting a Christmas duvet for a while and I’m glad I picked this up! Other duvets seem to be with Reindeers or not the colour I want or too over powering. I wanted something simple but still pretty and this was perfect.

So guys! There we go, it’s looking a bit festive now isn’t it. Let me know in the comments if you make your bedroom Christmassy, I would love to see your bedding. Tomorrow is going to be an interesting post, as I will be reviewing a local theatre performance I visited last week. So look out for that one!



3 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 12 // ASDA Homeware Haul

  1. I love Asdas homeware too! I’m planning on having a big shop their after Christmas, I’ve seen so many pretty things and this duvet cover is so cute! Love it 😃 Great post lovely! – Sarah xoxo

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