Blogmas Day 19 // Dorkface Christmas Haul

I adore supporting little stores on Etsy, with Christmas just around the corner, I thought it was perfect timing to pop along to Jemma Humphreys’ Etsy Store. I recently did a mini-haul of her Halloween stickers, I fell in love with them so much, that I of course needed to pick up her Christmas ones to get myself in the festive spirit.

I adore her sticker packs as she always includes a small range of colours for some of the items. Within her Christmas Sticker Pack, there are four different colours for the Baubles, along with two colours for the Presents. I love her style, it’s colourful and vibrant! I adore! This is why I love all her sticker packs and her prints.


I can see myself using these to decorate the front of Christmas card envelopes. Along with sticking them on the gift tags on presents. They make Christmas even more special, I might even keep back some to plan for next year’s Christmas. This year I have done everything way too last minute, so I’m sure these will make my planner just stand out that little bit more and make me want to start planning.

Along with her Christmas sticker pack, I also picked her Autumn Fall Sticker Pack, woow I love these! They sum up Autumn perfectly, especially in the United Kingdom with the rain, so of course Umbrellas are very relatable. I love how many of the different stickers Jemma includes, instead of there just being one she includes a couple of them.


You can have them in different locations without worrying about only having one copy in your pack. What I adore about this pack is the Starbucks’ cups, they are my favourite, I am addicted to their coffee so this is perfect for me! Everything within this pack sums up Autumn perfectly, from the Fallen Leaves, to the Pumpkins and to the Woolly Gloves.

I hope you have enjoyed this cute haul from Dorkface, I would love it if you could go over to her Etsy store HERE and share the love! There’s something for everyone on her store and they have so many different uses. If you do fancy purchasing something you can use discount code DORKFACE10 to receive 10% off your order! How awesome is that.



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