Blogmas Day 20 // The Winter Wonderland Tag

There’s something about Blogger Tags that I really enjoy. They are simple and straight to the point, along with being the perfect way of getting to know the person behind the blog. A little while ago, I came across The Winter Wonderland Tag from a Little Reader and I fell in love!

So here we go guys, let’s get started!

Do you like the cold?

Yes, I love being wrapped up! I’m not a massive fan of the sun and heat.

Favourite Part About Winter

I would probably have to say the celebrations for Christmas, I love when it starts getting festive. Everything looks super pretty, especially with all the lights.

Does It Snow Where You Live

Nope, I wish it would though! We’ve only had snow once that was really bad, every other time it’s just been sleet. I think it’s because we live by the sea and Dartmoor seems to steal our snow.

Favourite Clothing Item in Winter

Sleeper Socks! It’s the only time of year that I bring them out, I can’t stand them during Summer.

Your Favourite Winter Memory

When it snowed really bad in Plymouth, it made the whole city freeze. There was enough snow that me and my sisters could play in it and of course, make a snowman.

Favourite Hot Drink

I love drinking Hot Chocolate during the colder months, especially in the evening.

Best Winter Book to Read Curled Up in A Blanket

It has to be my comic books, I adore reading them and especially in the warmth of a blanket.

Best Winter Movie to Watch

There’s so many good ones, I would say Santa Claus. The trilogy is always on TV and Tim Allen is perfect as Santa, it’s super funny.

Do You Do Any Winter Sports (Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice-Skating)

Nope! I wished I did though.

Favourite Christmas/Holidays/New Year Tradition

Since being with the other half, we have always tried spending News Year’s Eve with one another, so we can see the New Year in with one another.

I hope you have liked this short post! Let me know in the comments, your favourite thing about Winter. I’m going to tag some amazing bloggers to do this tag! Lily Jayne, Elisabeth Foust and Rachel Williams.

Of course you can do this tag yourselves! I would love to see them, you can share them with me on Twitter, I’m @gcabray. I look forward to seeing them!



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