Blogmas Day 22 // Christmas Decorating

Christmas is bar far my favourite time of the year, I adore everything that comes along with this festive period. The food, being with friends and family and of course, seeing everyone’s faces when they open their presents. The main part about Christmas is of course the decorating, it’s been a family tradition that we always decorate at the beginning of December.

Along with our main Christmas Tree downstairs, in recent years I have had my own small tree sat on my desk in my bedroom. With only having a very small bedroom, it is only a 1.5ft Christmas Tree, it is the perfect size for my room. I previously had a 3ft but it was just way too big! For a simple tree, I have gone with some very basic decorations.



Despite sometimes having a bad reputation, Poundland have got some good decorations! You’ve guessed it, for a pound. I picked up two packets of small Baubles, inside the packets were five different bauble colours, Light Blue, Blue, Red, Pink and Gold. I was also able to pick up a Silver Star that has the same colours located on it, a perfect match.

There also had a small box of Fairy Lights that wrap around my tree perfectly! They are the perfect length to wrap around the tree and light it up nicely. This is pretty much all I can put on the tree, well actually not even half of the Baubles, I don’t like cluttered trees. Along with my tree, I have also got a countdown, that yes, I do forget to change the days until Christmas!


I also picked up some Tinsel that I cut down in size to put on my book shelf and photo frames. A stash of Light Blue and Silver, as these are my favourite colours! I’m not a fan of tinsel on my tree, so I put it elsewhere to be festive. To welcome you into my room I have a cute Wreath that features a Snowman with a Present. I think this is super adorable, very simple and of course, festive.

This year I got some new addictions to my Christmas decorations, Paperchase have got some really cute decorations. Pretty much like their stationary. It’s always hard to not go overboard in Paperchase, I was able to limit myself to £5 only, that was because I had my Birthday voucher though! I picked up this adorable set of 25 glass baubles.



The colours are perfect and are totally me, I love them. They will add something special to my tree along with being very good quality. Exactly what I expect from Paperchase, I can’t wait to put them on my Christmas Tree. These Baubles are the same size as the ones from Poundland but don’t feel cheap in your hands. I think next year they will replace the Poundland ones!

So guys, I hope you have enjoyed this decoration tour! Let me know in the comments your favourite Christmas decoration. I’m sure we’ve all got one and Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without it. Mine would definitely be my Christmas Tree, even at 1.5ft it’s perfect and festive.



3 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 22 // Christmas Decorating

    1. I haven’t been Christmas decorating shopping in a while! I’ve never thought to look in Primark, I will go in there, maybe after Christmas? They should be selling things off cheaper!! I think once I have my own place I will go all out on decorating! With a super tiny room there just isn’t enough space +& I’ll love to have a look at yours!! 😍


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