2016 Christmas Presents Haul

I hope you’ve all had an amazing Christmas and had a great time with your nearest and dearest!

Before we head towards the New Year, I wanted to do a Christmas Presents Haul, now I will admit that this isn’t everything! Because I haven’t managed to see everyone yet to receive their presents. Along with receiving a lot of money that has gone towards my holiday next year.

With asking for money, I’ve only received small presents. You could probably call these traditional Christmas presents, every year since I was little I’ve received an Album, DVD and a Book. This has slightly changed over the years as I’ve gotten older. For 2016 I wrote quite a list for my parents, but this did include a variation of Books and DVDs!

Let’s begin, so I received Zom-B Gladiator by Darren Shan. Since meeting Darren Shan at Plymouth Waterstones I have been addicted to this series! I have fallen in love with it, especially B Smith, the main character. So I’m excited to finally continue the series as I finished Zom-B Baby quite a while ago now.

Next is Mark Webber Aussie Grit: My Formula One Journey, now if you know me you would know how much of a Formula 1 fan I am! I love watching the Grand Prix every weekend and I’ve been to Silverstone the past three years to watch the British Grand Prix. When he was in the sport I adored him, it was a sad sight to see him retire.


I am going to love reading this as it’s a massive insight into his career, especially with the controversy of his relationship with Sebastian Vettel. On my list, I wrote a couple of different DVDs as I couldn’t choose! I got my parents to choose for me instead, normally I only receive one, but this year I received Finding Dory and Nerve.

Finding Dory I wanted to see in the cinema but never had the chance, I loved that this is a sequel to Finding Nemo. When I saw the trailer for Nerve, it was something I really wanted to watch. Especially with Dave Franco starting in it, I love all his movies. It was a film when released didn’t get much love.


Now moving on from my parents presents, next are my presents from my uncle. He knows how much I love Deadpool, so he picked me up the Deadpool 2017 Calendar which includes comic images rather than the movie. Even though I have my Filofax Planner I still love having a wall calendar, so I’m happy with Deadpool being on my wall!

Along with my calendar, he also brought me a Deadpool Hard Book Notebook, woow. It’s so pretty, I am in love. It feels amazing along with having a pen holder and a bookmark. I’m not sure what I will use it for, but I am sure I will find something! I will admit though, it will look nice on my shelf along with my Superman Leather-Bound Notebook.


This is all! Well for the minute until I go home and around the other halves to open his presents! I’m excited about those as I chose £10 worth of chocolate, amazing right. I don’t know what else he’s brought me though. Even though I did give him a list, I haven’t got a clue what he decided on! I can’t wait for that as it will be a second Christmas.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and spent it with those you care most about. The presents and food are just a bonus. Let me know in the comments your favourite gift you received this year and if you received everything you asked for.


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