January 2017 – Get Organized Month

A New Year, a new you.

January marks the month that begins the new year, to celebrate that since 2005 the National Association of Professional Organizers have marked January as Get Organized Month. I see this as amazing idea, as January is the perfect time to get yourself organised, it could be one of your New Year’s resolutions, if organising is what you struggle with.

I’m lucky as I’m already quite organised, at times it doesn’t feel like it but people have commented about how organised I am. I thought I would share with you today my top tips on how to be organised. These are all tips I have put into practice myself, so hopefully they will help you out too!


I brought a Filofax like Planner from Paperchase that is currently my life! I write everything in there I need to remember, currently I have a week to two pages but I am on the lookout for a day per day planner. As I believe these are really helpful if you’ve got a lot going on in a day.

Along with my planner there’s a to-do section, meeting notes, addresses and notes section. These all come in handy, I have this planner with me everywhere so the addresses are handy, especially if my phone dies! I’ve still got numbers for the important people that I might just need to contact.

Note Pads

These come in handy when you need to plan your day. As my week is pretty hectic, I only have one day to do other stuff. To make sure I get done everything I need to do, I write it all down. If something needs to be done that day, I write it in red.

Throughout the day, it reminds me and keeps shouting at me. I write everything else down that needs to be done in the coming days, this is especially helpful if this is the only day before the deadline to do something.

Colour Coding

I am a visual person, whenever I’m jotting things down it has its own colour. Different colours for different things works well, I’ve always been a visual learner. When you open your notebook/diary you know immediately what different things are and what’s going on with the colours.

Everything has its own place

So you don’t lose anything, make sure everything has its own place in your bedroom, office or living room. Have boxes labelled for certain items, they don’t have to be anything special, they could just be shoe boxes. Anything works well.

You can even buy storage boxes. I have two of these and they are brilliant as they have different size draws with a lot of them! They are perfect for little items and are big enough for charging cables, so you never lose one of them again.

Printable Planners

Now if a Filofax isn’t your thing, there’s some amazing people out there that have created Printable Planners. I think I’ve found a new love here! There’s so many different ones to chose from, you could be here for hours.

I came across Scattered Squirrel, a website designed by Alli where she shares her tips, tricks, ideas and resources. She has a massive selection of Planners, you can either grab a Personalized 2017 Planner or create your own Planner by printing off the different pages.

These are really good and I can not wait to get planning for 2017! Especially with all the things I’ve already got planned, I’m sure there’s a lot more coming in the New Year. It’s going to look super pretty and I believe it will keep me very organised!

I hope some of these tips will help you to become more organised! These tips might not help you all, but I hope it helps someone. I know I’m now a lot more organised since learning these tips. Let me know in the comments how you keep yourself organised.



14 thoughts on “January 2017 – Get Organized Month

  1. I’m obsessed with my filo from paperchase, i’ve had mine for a year and it helps me so much to have eveyrthing visually in front of me! Another great tool I use for work is Google calendars as it can be downloaded on your phone and send you reminders etc! x

    Beth // oldmoviesandkillerheels.co.uk

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    1. I’ve had mine for a couple of years now and I don’t know where I would be without it! It’s my life, I used to use Google Calendars alot but I can’t seem to use it alongside my filo! Weird I know haha


      1. Ohh yees, I need to have a decent size so I would actually use it! Mine fits perfectly in my handbag so I can take it everywhere with me, I think you should! You never know, you might get into a good routine with it

        Liked by 1 person

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