Blogger Recognition Award

Earlier this week I found out that the lovely Elen from Black Coffee Breakfast nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award. I would love for you to stop by her blog today, she is a lovely Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blogger! You won’t be disappointed by her content.

If you are nominated you must follow these rules:

1.Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
2.Write a post showing the award
3.Give a brief story of how your blog started
4.Give 2 pieces of advice to new bloggers
5.Select 15 other bloggers to pass the award to
6.Comment on each blog with a link to the post and let them know you nominated them

So when and how did An Ocean Glimmer begin?

I studied Media in College after I left school, here they advised us to create our own personal space on the internet, known more now as a blog. This is where Media Queen was born, a site where I reviewed different Games and Movies. I saw this as a chore rather than a passion, something to enjoy.

The site died after not posting for the rest of my first year and second year, once I finished College, I headed to University and this was where I started it again. Instead of continuing Media Queen, I decided to create a new site called An Ocean Glimmer. I haven’t looked back and now my blog has become my passion.

Advice for New Bloggers

It is good to write regularly on your blog, this is helped by having a good weekly schedule that you’re able to keep to. Start off basic like once, maybe even twice a week and once you feel happy with that, increase the number of posts. I find having a schedule is really helpful, as you are able to have regular traffic to your blog.

You don’t need to buy new products every week to keep your content fresh, there’s loads you can write about, including places you’ve visited and things you love. There’s plenty of Blogger Tags you can write yourself, along with just speaking about things that you love in your life. Don’t worry about having to have the latest must have thing.

I nominate;

Effie is Bored
Amy Louise Blogs
Life of Little Things
Always Believe in a Miracle
Holzie Loves
May To October
Little White Socks

I can not believe the love I have been receiving recently for my blog! I would love to say another massive thank-you to Elen for nominating me. I cannot wait to read my nominees’ posts, I would love for you to check out their blogs.



7 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. I’ve finally got the chance to really sit down and go through the posts of all the amazing bloggers I tagged in this award and I LOVE your advice for new bloggers – I feel like way too many people fall into the trap of buying things for the sake of keeping their content fresh and up to date, especially when it comes to overly hyped products!
    – Elen x

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