Notebook Haul

As some of you might know, I am addicted to stationery. I absolutely love picking up new items, especially adorable ones from Paperchase. Today, I thought I would share with you my Notebook collection, because let me tell you, there is just a few!

First up is this professional looking Notebook, it’s Hardback and Leather-Bounded, amazing right! I’ve got two like this in different themes, one’s Deadpool and the other is Superman. I absolutely adore these because they show my geekiness, but look very professional.

Inside there’s comic strips on the front and back relating to the different characters, whoever thought these up is amazing. On the front they each have their logos embossed, I love this feature as you don’t have to worry about them fading. The pricing though could seem a bit steep.

They are the most expensive Notebooks I own at £9.99, but I suppose it’s worth it because they are very high quality. If you aren’t a fan of Superman or Deadpool, you can pick up a range of other themes, like Batman, Harley Quinn, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. There seems to be a Notebook on offer for everyone!


Along with these two Hardback Notebooks, I also have a Stigu Notebook that I love! This one was a prize that I won and let me tell you, I adore it and I think I might buy more of their items. The quality is amazing and I love the logo that is embossed on the front, another good feature is the book mark inside, so I always know where I am.

Inside you also have pages that feature everyday practices to rest & zest your overworked mind and body. How amazing is this! I’ve never seen this sort of feature before and I love it, especially if you’re a hard working person and just need that moment to calm yourself. I really need to try these out, especially when I become stressed with my Dissertation!


Sticking with the comic theme, I have also got a Spider-Man spiral Notebook, along with a second one exactly the same but for Breaking Bad. I picked these up mainly because of the price, at £2 each why not! I am always needing Notebooks, so I thought these would come in handy.

The covers enticed me in as well, I love a good old comic especially Spider-Man. With these being spiral, I don’t have to worry about breaking the bind on them, these are my favourite type of Notebook to use. These come in handy for note taking for The Checkered Flag during a Grand Prix Weekend.

At £2 each, I don’t mind using them like this, along with University notes because I seem to write forever. Inside they have the added feature of the related logo at the bottom of each page, this is a cute little feature to have inside! I picked these up from The Works, they have a range of normal and themed Notebooks available.


TK Maxx is a favourite store of mine, I love just wondering around and seeing what they’ve got to offer. Especially with their stationery supplies as they always have some treasures to find here. I picked up this three pack of Notebooks, each with a different pattern, they are really pretty so I just had to pick them up!

They are thin and plain Notebooks which I love to be able to jot anything down, even just using them to plan blog posts, as I can create little mind maps to jot different words down. I also love them because they are a great addiction as a prop for my images for my blog. I especially love using the ‘Be Happy’ Notebook, this is a lovely quote.


Along with shopping in TK Maxx, I love venturing into Wilkinsons, like TK Maxx there’s always a treasure to find. I picked up this adorable Notebook which features the quote ‘All Good Things Are Wild and Free’ I love this! Especially with the feature of the fox and nature items around it.

This Notebook is very similar to the ones I picked up in TK Maxx but is lined instead of plain, perfect! I can see myself using this a lot for blog images, especially generic feature images as I love the front cover. As well as using it for just general notes, it takes pride of place on my desk, so it’s easy to grab if I need to jot something down.


I love a good old bargain, just look at the Notebooks from The Works, they were reduced down from £5 to £2. Can’t complain at that! I love looking in Primark as not only are there clothing treasures to find, but also general items. They’ve got this adorable set in Primark by Gabriella.

Not only does it feature household items like bedding and pillows but stationery as well. I love the design for the stationery, with it being half price I had to pick up this Notebook. It’s a really simple design, I love especially the little gold, black and pink spots and for only £1 I could’t not pick it up!

Moving on from all this prettiness, of course I have to have plain and boring ones, sad face. This is because I use these for University, with all the times I tear pages out I need a boring one I don’t mind running. I have a good selection of different sized Pukka Pad Notebooks, now you might recognise these from the Haul I did last September.

These are perfect for University as they are small enough to have in my bag but more than enough pages for all my notes, as well as them being spiral rather than binded. Along with the A5 Notebooks, I have a small selection of A4 Notebooks, which I use for TCF because I can write more on a page, along with using one for blogging notes.


Firstly I would like to thank those of you who reached the bottom of this post! I know it’s quite a long one but I just happen to have a lot of different Notebooks to speak about. I would love to know if you liked this post and if you would like to see more of these types of posts.

Let me know in the comments your favourite Notebook you have and why!



45 thoughts on “Notebook Haul

  1. Paperchase is one of my faviourite shops for all things stationary! They really do have some beautiful items. I love love love the breaking bad one, I was obsessed with that series! And the “all good things are weird and free” one! I have one that Katie got me at christmas from Paperchase saying “everything’s possible” on it & I just LOVE it so much!

    Jordanne ||

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    1. It’s amazing what you can find in Primark! I don’t go clothes shopping in there anymore, they have an amazing homeware selection, including their stationery. You should totally check out TK Maxx! There’s always a treasure to find in there for stationery.


  2. This is an amazing haul, I l or notebooks so much! Especially Ones from TKMAxx they’re always of such amazing quality and really fairly priced. Love paperchase as well!

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  3. All of these notebooks are either really beautiful and dainty, or super geeky and I love all of them! You have really good taste in note-books! Do you know what you’re going to use them all for yet?

    – Chloe

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  4. I totally resonate with you on this post, I have a notebook OBSESSION! Even if I have nothing to write, I’ll buy it because ‘it’s so cute’ haha, these notebooks are so cool by the way – I especially like the Deadpool and Breaking Bad ones!
    – Elen x

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