Infinity Crates January 2017

January’s Infinity Crates has been shipped and delivered. I swear I am receiving the crate later and later into the month. Oh well, it’s here now and I cannot wait to show you what I’ve received!

Infinity Crates is a United Kingdom based monthly subscription box that offers a new theme every month. There are four different crates on offer, Classic Crate for £16.99 plus p&p, Premium Crate for £23.99 plus p&p, Kids Crate for £16.99 plus p&p and T-Shirt Only Crate for £7.99 plus p&p. Every box is guaranteed a POP! Vinyl figure and a T-shirt.

The exclusive theme for this month’s crate is Retro.

The exclusive Pop! Vinyl figure I received this month was She-Hulk. This is soo cool as I believe she is a character that hasn’t had a lot of air time shall we say. I don’t know much about her because of this but I love her appearance, of course she is very similar to Hulk. I love that Funko has brought her out.


Along with being guaranteed a Pop! Vinyl figure, you also receive a T-Shirt. This month’s shirt is Batman. I adore this shirt because The Joker makes an appearance, he is my favourite DC Comics villain. It’s a black out of the two characters, with the only colour being Joker’s laugh, I can see myself wearing this shirt a lot!


Now onto the smaller items of the crate, first up is a Super Mario Bros. 2 inches action figure from Series 4. I’ve actually been eyeing these for a little while, so I am in love! The one I received was Mario in his celebratory position. This is my childhood summed up right here, I loved playing Mario. One problem, doesn’t stand up without blue tack!

I always love receiving keyrings in my crates, as there’s all sorts of themes you could receive. The one I received this month was of the self-lacing shoes from Back to the Future that Marty McFly wore. This is pretty cool, I love the quality and the look of the keyring, I’m not the biggest fan of Back to the Future but still very cool.


I am really happy with everything I received within this crate! I love how even though the theme is Retro, I’ve still been able to receive items that I like. My favourite item would be the T-Shirt, just because it’s Batman and The Joker. February’s theme is Power, so I’m really excited to see what that entails!

If you would love to know what I received in previous crates, head over HERE to see December’s Infinity Crates.

Well, there will go guys! January’s Infinity Crates, now if you fancy getting your hands-on March’s crate you can do! Just head over to their website HERE. I will say these Crates are worth the price! Especially if you only count the Pop! Vinyl and T-Shirt.



19 thoughts on “Infinity Crates January 2017

  1. I’ve heard of these boxes before but I haven’t seen many reviews about them! Absolutely love the she hulk pop vinyl I don’t think I’ve seen it before and everything else in the box looks amazing too x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I used to get Birchbox but it just wasn’t for me! Loot Crate was way too expensive but then I found this! I love it, always a surprise when I open it and feel like a kid at Christmas!!


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