Planner Girls Collective // Recent Stationery Purchases

Welcome to another edition of Planner Girls Collective. If you missed a previous edition, you can find them all here.

This week’s topic is Recent Stationery Purchases. If you know me, you’ll know that I adore my stationery! I am addicted to buying and using stationery. I think I’ve pretty much got everything you’ll ever need, most of it though I have yet to find a use. I think January is the perfect month to pick up stationery supplies, as everywhere has discounts.

For a while I’ve been looking at a Planner that I can use to organise myself and my blog. I came across the Ultimate Blog Planner from Dot Creates. What I loved the most is that it includes everything I desire from a Planner, sometimes there are features that I know I won’t use. Nope, not with this Planner!

Blog Planner (1).JPG

Everything inside I can see myself using, which normally is a struggle to find. It is an undated diary, so you can start this whenever you want. You don’t have to worry about wasting pages, each page you are able to jot down your different blog post ideas. Everything you need to firstly plan your posts.

The Planner is sectioned into twelve, with inspirational quotes on the front page to tell them apart. It’s a little pick me up before the new month. I also love the aspect of being able to write down your sponsored content. You are able to keep on target with your products, especially if you have a deadline!

At the end of every section, is a little space where you can write down your monthly stats. This year, I want to look at my stats a lot more and this will be especially helpful! You can look back throughout the months and see how much you’ve improved. I might change one to include page views though.


Moving on from cute planners, something I received in January was a Notebook from Stigu. I’ve been loving this stationery company for a little while now and I was lucky enough to win one of their giveaways on Instagram. It’s this adorable Hardback Notebook with their logo indented on the front.

Notebook (1).jpg

With it being a Hardback Notebook, it is what I would class as professional, I love it! The quality is amazing, I would definitely pay £12.90 for it. Especially with the little surprises inside. My favourite part about the Notebook is that it includes twelve handy everyday practices to rest & zest your overworked mind and body.

I love the idea behind this, I’ve never seen anything like it! I suppose we are all now a little stressed, with so many different things happening at once in our lives. I can not wait to do these little practices, I really hope they will rest & zest my mind and body. It also includes a handy bookmark, which is perfect to mark where you are in the Notebook.

A feature that isn’t include a lot. I can not wait to start using this Notebook! I’ve yet to find something to write in this Notebook but I’m sure I’ll find something! I’m always using a Notebook to jot down different things, especially with having my own blog and being a full-time university student.


If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve received cute letters from Jordanne Lee aka Of a Glasgow Girl. She is the creator of the Of a Glasgow Girl Snail Mail and I’ve been loving it this month. Especially as it means I can buy some cute letter Writing Sets! So of course, I picked up this adorable set from Paperchase.


Paperchase have some amazing Writing Sets in different patterns. They always have amazing sets, where you can get everything. So I love you can match your writing sets to your Notebook and Planner. I don’t like anything that is cluttered, especially when it comes to Writing Sets because you have less paper to write on.

I love this pattern, I don’t think I’ve seen the pattern before. I love the added feature of the gold, it makes the pictures stand out more. The envelopes are really pretty, I like that there’s enough room to write an address if you want to. I cannot wait to start using these for the letters.

For other installments of Planner Girls Collective, please visit some of the amazing bloggers below and join our Facebook Group to stay up to date.

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Just a couple of additions to my stationery collection! I’m sure there will be a lot more items added soon. Let me know your latest stationery purchase, I am always on the lookout for new items.



16 thoughts on “Planner Girls Collective // Recent Stationery Purchases

  1. I LOVE stationary so this was right up my street! I haven’t heard of Planner Girls Collective, I already have a planner that works great for blogging but definitely going to take a look at this one! x

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    1. If you like stationery you might like the group! Facebook link is at the bottom, you can look at my previous posts aswell, it’s different topics each week but originated around stationery, you should look into this one! It’s all the little features I like aswell!


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