Beauty Kitchen Create Your Own Lip Balms

Since Beauty Kitchen opened a concession store inside the Holland & Barrett More in Plymouth, I have been loving all their beauty products, especially as all their products are 100% natural. Over the Christmas Break, Georgina Minter-Brown hosted a competition on her Twitter where you could win one Christmas gift.

I was one of the lucky winners and I chose the Create Your Own Lip Balms from Beauty Kitchen. When I received it in the post, I was jumping for joy! I couldn’t wait to create the Lip Balms, I’ve been very busy since receiving it, so I’ve only just been able to make them. I will admit, they were a lot easier to make than I thought!

In the pack you will receive everything you need to create them, I’m sure if you could get your hands on these ingredients, you’ll be able to do it at home! I suffer from sensitive skin so it’s lovely to know what exactly is going into the Lip Balms.

Let’s go through the different ingredients.

-Cocoa Butter
-Mica Powder
-Four Lip Balm Tins
-Labels for Lip Balm Tins

You’ll also need;

-Small Saucepan
-Sunflower/Olive Oil
-Wooden Spoon
-Tea Spoon


After you’ve got together all the different ingredients and utensils you need, you can now begin! I will start with saying, this will not take you long at all, I thought it would take a while, but after reading the instructions, I realised how simple it was. So it’s perfect for busy bees or younger beauty fans.

The first step is to add 25ml of either Sunflower or Olive Oil into your Small Saucepan. Then add the Beeswax and Cocoa Butter, once you’ve added these ingredients, turn the heat on low and stir it all until everything melts together. This happens quite quickly, so make sure you keep an eye on it along with keep stirring the mixture and don’t let it simmer or boil.



I did panic a little as I wasn’t sure what the mixture was meant to look like! So at this point, I wouldn’t worry. Once it’s all melted, take the pan off the heat and add in the Mica Powder. This is a step that you can skip, if you want a plain, clear Lip Balm. I added the Mica Powder as I wanted to see what it would look like. Now you can stir everything together!


Once you’ve stirred it all together, you can now put it into your Tins. I was a bit unsure what the best way to do this was, as the instructions said just to pour it from the Saucepan. I felt this could be a bit messy though! Especially as there was no pour spout on the Saucepan. I found it easy to use a Tea Spoon to put the mixture into the Tins. I would recommend having a spare pot on hand.

As after filling the four Tins, I had some mixture left over, it seems like a waste as there was quite a lot left over! Maybe I added too much Oil oops. I would think anything would work, as I didn’t realise I would have some left over, I used a small Yogurt Pot but I’m sure if you’ve got old Cosmetic Pots you can use that, especially if its got a lid!


When your mixture is in your Tins, it’s now time to let them set. You can either put them in the fridge or leave them at room temperature for around 15 minutes. Those 15 minutes seemed to go really quick! I think that might be because I was trying to clean everything I had used. After everything was put away, they were ready.

These Tins are the perfect size to have in your handbag or travel bag. The weather has been bitterly cold at the moment so this Lip Balm has been perfect! I feel like I’ve used it quite a lot but I’ve barely touched the surface. I feel really satisfied that I’ve created this by myself and knowing that there’s only four ingredients that are all 100% natural.

The kits are £15 but I feel this is an amazing price as you receive EVERYTHING you see here. As well as making at least four good size Lip Balms. This would be an amazing gift for any beauty fan, you can also pick up their Create Your Own Bath Bomb Kit! I think I might have to purchase this myself after a good experience with the Lip Balms.

If you fancy making your own Lip Balms, you can pick up the Create Your Own Lip Balms Kit from Beauty Kitchen’s website or Holland & Barrett stores across the United Kingdom.


*Thank you Georgina Minter-Brown for hosting this amazing competition and a massive thank you to Beauty Kitchen for sending me the Create Your Own Lip Balms Kit. All thoughts are honest and my own, for more information please see my About Page.


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