February 2017 – Tell a Fairy Tale Day

I love looking at different National Days as it’s amazing how every day of the year is some kind of celebration for something. Sunday 26 February 2017 celebrates the art of story telling, better known as Tell a Fairy Tale Day. I grew up constantly reading Fairy Tales, along with watching them.

To celebrate Tell a Fairy Tale Day, I thought I would do a little quiz, I’ve got some clues that describe six different Fairy Tales that I’m sure you’ll all know!

This yummy looking house is not what it seems.

This tale’s message about the strength of a promise is as good as gold.

The monster under the bridge looks like baaa-d news.

A young girl as white as snow.

The clock struck midnight and the young girl ran away.

But Grandmother! What big eyes you have?

I thought this would be a good way to celebrate Tell a Fairy Tales Day. So you don’t give the answers away to all the clues, I would love for you to chose just one clue to give me the answer to. I’ll then let you know if your correct!



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