Planner Girls Collective // What Couldn’t You Live Without

Welcome to another edition of Planner Girls Collective. If you missed a previous edition, you can find them all here.

This week’s topic is What Couldn’t You Live Without. I love this topic as stationery is a massive help in my day to day life, so it’s not that hard to choose something. I am going to limit myself to only one item, my Paperchase Organiser, now I will admit, I have had this Organiser for nearly three years.

I brought it to help myself become more organised as I was starting university, had a part-time job along with having a lot more opportunities come my way. I needed something where everything was down in one place and felt this Organiser from Paperchase was the best option.

I love that you can personalise it, so you can add different refills inside, whatever you want to make it yours. I felt it was a waste of money buying a one year Planner and felt an Organiser that I could add a new year would be perfect! With the Organiser being universal, I am able to buy my refills from anywhere.


In my Organiser, I have chosen to include six different sections all to help me become more organised, only the diary, to do and meetings came standard. I added addresses, notes and shopping list as I felt these are helpful for me. These are all really handy and useful so I can have everything in one place.

As I take this Organiser everywhere with me, I’ve included the most important contacts just in case anything happens to my phone. I have yet to use this section but I’m positive if I didn’t have it, I would need it! I previously had a Filofax that was a gift from my parents for college, but I never used it as much as I should have.

Inside my Filofax, I had a Today bookmark that came in real handy to mark the current date, but my Paperchase Organiser, nope didn’t come with one! I’m just glad I still had the one from my Filofax so I could transfer it over, as Paperchase doesn’t sell this separately. Without this I would completely lose where I am inside!

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I would be lost without my Organiser! The partner jokes around saying if it’s not in my Organiser then it’s not happening! I have to write everything down in there. Let me know in the comments what stationery item you couldn’t live without.



2 thoughts on “Planner Girls Collective // What Couldn’t You Live Without

  1. I planned that 2017 was my year of organisation – yet I’m still to get around to buying a planner! Maybe it can wait until next year haha.. This planner looks so organised and it’s great to see it works so well for you!
    Elen x


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