February Favourites

Where on earth did February go! Felt like yesterday that it was the end of January, now it’s the end of another month and on to another Favourites. It was quite tricky for this month, as there was nothing that stood out to me like last month. I have managed it though and here is a summary of those things I’ve enjoyed this month!

Beauty Kitchen Create Your Own Lip Balms | Earlier this month, I finally got around to making the Lip Balms from Beauty KitchenGeorgina Minter-Brown hosted a giveaway on her Twitter and I was one of the lucky winners, as it was different Christmas gift sets, I chose the Create Your Own Lip Balms.

I had an amazing time making these Lip Balms, you can find out all about that HERE. I have used the Lip Balm quite regularly as the weather currently in England is HORRIBLE so I’ve been suffering with dry lips. It’s amazing how well this Lip Balm works, I absolutely love it, knowing I made it myself, is even more special!


Leandra Resturant | At the beginning of the month, it was the partner’s birthday, his twenty-first to be specific. I treated him to a birthday meal at Leandra Resturant, this was a restaurant that we’ve both wanted to try out for a while now, of course we thought his birthday was the perfect opportunity.

Let me tell you, it was amazing there! We are both planning on going back, because as well as it being yummy, the prices were even better. They had different Set Dinner Menus where you either pay 2 course for 3 course £12.75, they’ve also got a second selection, £13.25 for 2 course or 3 course for £14.75.

Dawlish MG Rover Meet | February marked the first meet with MG Rover South West Owners Club, on a cold winter’s morning, me and the partner traveled to Dawlish. It wouldn’t of been too bad if it was snowing! It was probably the worst weather I have driven in but it was worth it as I loved meeting up with all my car friends in the club.

After a chat about cars, a warm drink in the pub and some food, we were all laughing with one another and having a good time. Reminds me why I love owning an MG, this was the first meet of the year and sets the ball rolling for the rest of the show season. Some of the people who attended the meet, I haven’t seen since before Christmas, so it was lovely to see them all again.


Vampire Diaries | This month I have become addicted to Vampire Diaries, after hearing that Season 8 would be the last, I needed to watch it from the beginning. Especially as I couldn’t remember where I got to as well as it’s on Netflix! Now I have officially finished all 7 seasons which have around 20 episodes, so yes I have been pretty bored in the evenings/late nights.

I can’t believe the direction Vampire Diaries has gone in, of course it’s one of those things, when one story line finishes another begins! So I’m looking forward to seeing how they end it, hopefully it’s not killing off all the main characters! I don’t know what I’ll watch when I’ve finished, maybe The Originals.

Well I suppose this was a little different to your ‘normal’ favourites, as you can see there wasn’t many products I enjoyed but I haven’t done a lot this month I’ve loved. Hopefully there will be something I’ll enjoy this month! Let me know your favourite thing from February.


21 thoughts on “February Favourites

  1. I totally agree with you that February went so quickly! I really like your favourites, and I’m so gutted that TVD is ending soon! I stopped watching it about season 4/5, but I’ve just got back into it and it showed that I really missed it. I recommend trying Riverdale if you haven’t already, it’s a really good show and I’ve been loving it since I started watching it.

    – Chloe

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    1. Thank youu lovely! Me too, I think that’s why I’ve returned to watching it & Riverdale, yees I’ve heard that’s really good, after I’ve finished TVD I think that might be my next binge watch programme.


  2. February literally flew past WAY too quickly for my liking – I don’t know why life is going by on fast forward at the moment!! It sounds like you had an awesome month though, the make your own lip balm kit looks really cool – I love cute DIY sets like that!
    Elen x

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