Blogger Swap Box with EnchantedVamp

I love meeting new people and making friends who have the same interest as me, yupp you’ve guessed it blogging. There’s so many great people in the blogosphere and I’m lucky to meet some. Recently I’ve become friends with Simone, a Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger, who is behind EnchantedVamp.

We got chatting on Twitter after seeing she was looking for someone to do a Swap Box with, I was intrigued to know more and before I knew it, we were chatting about products to send one another! I’m really glad we did this, as I love meeting new people and I suppose this is a new and interesting way of getting to know someone.

I am just itching to show you what Simone put in my box, as when I opened it I was amazed and instantly fell in love, she did an amazing job! So let’s begin and show you what I received.

Upon opening the box, there was a lot of newspaper! It kind of felt like pass the parcel when you have to dispose of the layers before getting to your prize. Of course this was just so everything came to me in one piece. I then found a postcard, now I absolutely adore postcards as I’ve grown up to receiving them when my Dad has been away at sea.


Simone and I live in completely different parts of England, I live in Plymouth a hustle and bustle city, where as she lives in the Lake District. I would love to go to the Lake District, it looks soo pretty and kind of reminds me of Dartmoor. I love that she included some different leaflets about where she lives. It’s a lovely insight and kind of makes me want to visit!

There’s so much variety in the box, she included some really cute beauty products.

Manhattan Blogger’s Choice Trio Eyeshadow Concrete Walk | This is a company that I haven’t heard about before but I am intrigued, especially as it says Created with Bloggers in New York. I love the colours in this palette, especially the Sparkling Blue, it’s soo pretty. I’m not too sure if I would wear it though, maybe if I’m feeling brave!


Manhattan Powder Rogue Nude Mood | This is soo pretty and I love how it’s very travel friendly, as you have the brush inside. I’m not much of a Blush fan, I’ve never been into using it, but I’m sure I’ll use it for some special occasion! That’s the only time I do my make-up, other than a little bit of Mascara. It’s not as dark as it looks on the palette and I love the shimmer to it.


Body Collection Maxi Lipstick Ball Gown | When I first saw this Lipstick, I thought the colour would be too bold for me, as it looked to be a very bright pink. When I applied it though it actually seemed to tone down and was very shimmery, I love this! I’m not a very big fan of bold colours, I prefer the natural look, I am very happy with this Lipstick.


Divinely Pure Hand Lotion | When speaking with Simone, I asked if she could pick me up a Hand Cream, as I am addicted to Hand Creams and I need a new one! I am really happy with the one Simone chose, I love the smell! I can’t place what it exactly is but that doesn’t matter, it’s in this adorable bottle that reminds me of a perfume. It also leaves my skin feeling very moisturized which I love with my sensitive skin.

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion | I love this product! Yees it’s only a sample size but I’ve enjoyed using it. I’ve actually previously used this product as my partner uses it for his dry skin. To me it feels like they’ve created their product for people with dry skin, which I love as sometimes I have really bad skin so this is perfect and I think I’ll continue using it!

Garnier Pure Active 3in1 | I was a little worried about using this product because with having sensitive skin, I’ve got to be very careful with what I use. I love that it’s a 3in1 product, so there’s three different ways to use it. I’m not one for using products like this as a wash so I decided to use it as a mask.

I can safely say I love it! It smells amazing, I cannot place the exact smell, but I love it, it was soo easy to use and very effective. Leaving it on my skin felt amazing, I suppose it’s because I can feel it working, if that’s a thing that happens! Afterwards my skin is left feeling very smooth and very refreshed. I think I might just invest in this product.


Wildlife Colouring Pad | I absolutely adore colouring, it was my favourite growing up, I would pretty much always have colouring pencils and a book in my hand. It was amazing when they brought out the shall we say ‘grown up’ colouring books. I love the size of this book because it’s perfect to have in my handbag, I can imagine myself using it on public transport journeys.

Kick-Ass DVD | Because Simone wrapped everything perfectly in pink tissue paper, when I picked this up I thought it was a notebook. I was amazed when I opened it to find the Kick-Ass DVD, like how amazing is this! I have wanted to watch this since it came out and I just haven’t had the chance so I’m really happy she included it! Thank-youu Simone.


Galaxy Chocolate | As I had never chatted to her before, we asked one another different questions like food we liked and our interests. I told her that I liked Galaxy so I’m not all surprised to see she included this within the crate! She didn’t just include one, I found a four bar multi-pack, like amazing!! I enjoyed eating these massively.

Romney’s Kendal Mint Cake | Last but not least was this Mint Cake, I wasn’t sure about this at first but I’m all for trying new foods, especially if it’s Mint! There’s a little back story to this, this Mint Cake was carried to the top of Mount Everest on the first successful expedition. This was eaten by Sir Edmund Hillary and Sirdar Tensing at the top of Mount Everest.

Has now become a favourite with hikers, climbers and visitors to the Lake District. I love that Simone has included this within the box, as we spoke about Local food to add and I believe this was perfect! As I’ve never heard of it before, I’m not all that keen on it, it tastes very strongly of Mint. I’m suppose if you’re an adventurer this is perfect for you because it’s small and gives you a burst of energy.


I would like to say a massive thank-you to Simone! You’ve included some amazing items, I am in love!! You’ve hit the nail on the head with everything, I really hope you love what I included in your box, if you want to see what I sent Simone, check out her blog! She’ll be doing a blog post all about it soon.

I loved this opportunity with Simone and I really hope we continue chatting, along with having the opportunity to maybe do it again! I think I’ll definitely do this again with a blogger, so look out for that one.



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