The Star Seekers

On Wednesday evening, I had the amazing opportunity to watch The Star Seekers presented by Wardrobe Ensemble at the Theatre Royal Plymouth. This opportunity was made possible because I am on the Bloggers Scheme at the Theatre, if you don’t know what this scheme is about, read my short announcement for it here.

I was pretty excited for this performance and I am pleased to say I was not disappointed. Even though this performance is aimed at children, I absolutely loved it! You meet Alph (Ben), Betty (Jessie) and Gammo (Jack) three astronauts, who are sent on a mission by Doctor Doctor. They must find the three missing orbs to fix the Infinite Energy Fusion Drive.

Each orb is located in a different part of the galaxy and with your help, they must find the three different orbs, Red Glowing Plasma, Blue Glowing Bridge and Green Glowing Uranium Orb. They only have half an hour to fix the Drive before it is broken forever. Before I had even walked into The Drum the actors were interacting with the audience, outside you met Betty and Gammo who welcomed you as a Star Seeker.

When you walked in, Alph was asking the audience questions and interacting with the younger audience. I loved this as it got the children thinking about what they were going to be watching, this immediately set off my love for the performance. The whole way through it was all about interacting with the audience, for the cast the shows are different every time.

The Star Seekers

The first question they asked was what you would take with you if you went into space. This sparked the children’s imagination, if you was an astronaut what would you take with you, in the end, it was decided that we would take a sleeping bag, a torch and a jet pack on our space mission. I would have loved to watched something like this when I was younger.

As it sparks the imagination of children through this unique theatre experience. I love the whole performance and it was lovely to see the participation from the children and the adults. Throughout the performance, I felt like a big kid and I loved every minute of it. After the performance, there was a short Q&A with the cast, this is where we met Helena the Director.

She had the fun job of pressing different buttons for the lights and sounds, I was very impressed with the questions the children were asking. The performance had definitely sparked their imagination as they were asking some very technical questions, the cast did an amazing job at answering them. When Wardrobe Ensemble first started The Star Seekers, they didn’t have very much money.

To build their space station, they used parts that people had thrown away. A lot of the parts you could tell what they previously were, like bottles and their lids, a keyboard and even the back of an old television! It was amazing to see the creativity that went into the creation of the space station. Despite it being aimed at children, I loved every minute.


*Theatre Royal Plymouth invited me to the performance The Star Seekers through the Theatre’s Bloggers Scheme. All thoughts are honest and my own, for more information please see my About Page.


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