April 2017 – World Stationery Day

As most of you will know, I am a massive stationery fan! I have so much that I am never at a lost for notebooks, or anything stationery related for that matter. Recently I found out that today, Wednesday 26 April 2017 is World Stationery Day, I swear there is a National Day for anything and everything now a days. I jumped at the chances of celebrating this day as I am a stationery addict.

I am sure you are all thinking what exactly is World Stationery Day, what is the point of this celebration? Well, after some careful research on their website, I have learnt a lot about the day. It is a day of celebration for the written word and all things stationery. Their aim, to get people all over the world talking and writing about stationery as well as speaking about why writing by hand is important.

I have put together a short wish list of different stationery items I want. Some of these have been on here for a little while, so let’s hope I can grab them soon!

National Stationery.jpg

Desk KitBusy B – £14.99

Gold Foil Pencil SetDot Creates – £4.30

Osco Acrylic Desk Organiser – John Lewis – £14

A5 Notepad Stop Procrastinating Ohh Deer – £1.95

Pink Marble Linen Notebook Ohh Deer – £8.50

Focus NotebookDot Creates – £8

Butterfly Botanical Refill PadPaperchase – £4

I know this post is fairly short, if you’re reading this on the day I published it, I am actually in Italy! You’ll also know this if you follow me on Twitter/Instagram. So this has been written before hand, hopefully my posts will get a little bit more interesting after my holiday. Let me know in the comments what stationery items you want to pick up yourself! Is there anything you’ve had your eye on for a while.



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