Become a Ninja Warrior for the day at Adrenalin

Inspired by the Japanese assault course game show, Ninja Warrior, Adrenalin Urban Activity Centre opened its doors in Plymouth three months ago. Adrenalin is not just about conquering the fearsome but fun assault course, you are able to bounce as much as you like on the trampolines, test your climbing skills and try your hand at free running.

Corinne from Organic By Nerve and I popped along to check it out for ourselves and to see how much fun we could have in the space of an hour. We were both a little nervous at first, as we had never been before and didn’t know what to expect. The staff were friendly and helpful, with them easing you into the experience, especially if you’ve never been before. 

The trampolines are small but impressive, you can get some pretty good height, especially if you aim to jump over the boxes. If you aren’t that confident, you can just jump around on the interconnected trampolines and see if you can get enough air to jump onto the next trampoline. It was impressive watching the marshals jump flawlessly between the trampolines.

I wish I could do that, the first time I attempted I landed on my face oops! After some time of jumping about, I could feel myself relaxing and started to enjoy myself, it’s crazy how much it tires you out though! Included in your session, you can experience six other stations, including the Ninja Zone, second on my list was the Climbing Wall. I feel though this was more for younger children as my feet were way too big for the holds!

Adrenalin 2.jpg

There were three different trails on the wall you could follow, Red, Blue and Yellow, each being a different experience. Of course, you are meant to stay on one colour to climb around but I couldn’t as I’m way too tall! I had to use all three colours to move across the wall. Next up, the Jump Tower, the aim is to launch yourself onto a giant air bag.

There are two different heights, depending on if you want to challenge yourself or not. For this, it’s just one of those things you just have to do it at least once, to experience it. From ground level, it doesn’t look that high but once you’re up there on that ledge it’s a lot more intimidating! There’s something in you that’s screaming don’t jump!

I suppose it’s not a natural thing, your brain tells you that you shouldn’t do it because you’ll hurt yourself, but when you land on the airbag it’s such a nice feeling. I really did love this, I’m afraid of heights so I feel this is something that could help you to conquer this fear. Another activity that you can have a lot of fun with your friends is the Battle Beams, where you can challenge them to a duel!

The aim of this activity is to topple your opponent off of the beam with a pugil stickThe last thing we experienced was the Light Wall, now I was excited for this as I didn’t know what it was and looked a lot of fun! When we asked one of the marshals, he was very helpful in showing us what it did. At first I thought it was an electronic climbing wall and it kind of was, there’s different levels of play.

Adrenalin 4.jpg

Within the time limit, you have to press the most buttons that light up. Depending on how tall you are, depends on if you can jump to turn it off or use the foot holds. For me, I was able to reach all but the top row but if you’re shorter, the foot holds will help you a lot. It’s crazy how much it takes out of you once you’ve completed the time, a nice sit down was in order afterwards!

It even makes for a great game with your friends, as there’s a four-player game where you battle to receive the most points. The marshal set us a challenge, if we could score 200 or more points, we would receive an Adrenalin Wristband. I think this brought out the determination in both of us, as we scored over 200, the marshal was pretty impressed with us.

I hope you guys liked this post! I will definitely be going back to Adrenalin, as I loved it a lot, it’s definitely worth the £10 for the 1hour session.


*Photographic Credit goes out to Corinne Bygrave from Organic By Nerve. She came along with me to experience Adrenalin, while photographing our time. I received two free tickets to a session, after explaining how I was a student and would like to feature Adrenalin in our magazine Pastille. All thoughts are honest and my own, for more information please see my About Page.


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  1. This is my sort of place and it’s in Plymouth so near me 😀 it sounds like such a fun time and that price is awesome, glad you had a great time ☆

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