Bedtime Beauty Routine

There is that one thing that we all need that makes us less miserable! That would be sleep, I know if I don’t have a good nights sleep, you don’t want to mess with me in the morning. For me, I do find it hard to get to sleep, so there are a couple of things I do to help me wind down and relax for the evening.

At the moment I am pretty stressed with the move, so I thought now would be a great opportunity to share with you my Bedtime Beauty Routine!ย The easiest way I felt to share with you my routine, would be to go through step by step my evening. Let’s begin with;

I am suffering really bad at the moment with acne, so I always freshen myself up by washing my face then using the Night Lotion in the Tea Tree Range from The Body Shop. I love this range and I am seeing a good improvement on my skin! I do see a difference when I don’t use this Lotion, so I have to use it every night, it also calms me down.


Next I turn on my Scentsy to relax my room, so I can come into my room with it smelling fresh. At the moment I am using Love Spell byย DollysCandles, wax melts that I received in February’s Artemis & Xena crate. I am loving this scent, as it’s soo relaxing, as well as it not being too strong. It’s the perfect scent for me to drift off to sleep!

It’s become a regular thing that I always have a hot drink before bedtime, when I was growing up, I would be given a Hot Chocolate, my nan still asks me when I stay with her! At the moment I am loving Options Hot Chocolate, they have a variety of different flavours with my favourite being Mint and White Chocolate, like yuum! I even receive one at the partner’s just before leaving his.

When I’m all tucked up in my bed, I love watching the daily vlogs from Roman Atwood on YouTube. Now for those of you who don’t know who Roman is, he is a YouTuber and Prankster from Ohio. I have been watching his vlogs for over two years now, when I came across one of his pranks.


It’s become a ritual for me to watch them before bed, because he is soo inspirational and it’s a perfect feeling to go to sleep with! You should definitely check him out HERE, if you love craziness, family and laughing! He sure does some crazy things with his friends and family, that always makes me smile.

I used to stay on my phone for hours in an evening! But I’ve learnt the hard way that I need to switch off completely from the social media universe to get a good nights sleep. Now I turn my phone off at least an hour before going sleep, else I’ll be up all night binge watching episodes on Netflix! As soon as I’ve watched Roman’s vlog, that’s it, my phone gets switched off!

If I do all of these, I pretty much know I’ll have a good nights sleep! I love sleep and it does mean a lot to me, especially at these stressful times. It is an opportunity to calm down, relax and just forget about everything that is currently going on. For me though, I have to have complete silence else I’ll never get to sleep.

I hope you have enjoyed this post guys! I would love to know what beauty sleeps means to you? Is there something that you have to do to get a better nights sleep? Let me know in the comments lovelies.


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14 thoughts on “Bedtime Beauty Routine

    1. Yees, it’s perfect! Especially on mine because normally nothing works, but it seems to sooth it before bed +& that’s normally a good way to relax! It’s better than binge watching Netflix ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


  1. I definitely agree that switching off from social media in the evening is massively beneficial, it stops my brain working at a million miles an hour before I go to sleep! I have never tried a night lotion but I really want to, I bet the scents are gorgeous and make you feel like snoozing! Fab post!
    Abbey ๐Ÿ˜˜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Switching off is perfect! Gives you that time to relax down, rather than worrying about stuff, your brain can switch off! +& the Lotion is perfect, soo relaxing, makes me feel fresh faced


  2. I completely agree that a routine before bed is the best way to get a good nights sleep!
    Mine usually involves a bath, a hot drink and a film on quietly in the background to drop off to!


  3. I’ve found that having a bath sometimes helps me to be put into the relaxed state I need to get a good night’s sleep. i rarely have a good night’s sleep nowadays but when I do, it tends to be after I have a bath!

    Love the tips on here and I will really need to try some of them, especially switching my phone off! x

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    1. Thank youu lovely! I think our phones are the worst, we just can’t stay off them me included completely haha a nice relaxing bath is always nice especially if you have calming candles and bath bombs!


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