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There are so many different Etsy shops that you can browse for pretty much anything, notebooks, stickers, planner essentials, what ever you can think of, there maybe someone who creates it. Recently I came across Juniper Daze Designs, an Etsy shop created by Steph Whyte from Juniper Daze. I follow Steph on Twitter and I absolutely LOVE her blog, so I jumped at the chance to have a look at her shop.

Her shop isn’t even a month old yet, so it’s still pretty fresh! I know of a few bloggers who own a Etsy shop, which is pretty cool as I don’t think I could run a blog, shop and work part-time! Steph is quite a crafty person, so the idea to open a shop was quite easy, as she wanted to share this with the rest of the world. As well as creating a lot of DIY crafty pieces for her own wedding.

Currently she has one ‘collection’ on her shop, this is mostly map themed, but she won’t be stopping here as she’s got loads of plans and ideas to branch out and create other different collections. To start her shop, she has four different personalised products, Hexagonal Map Coaster, Hexagon Wall Tile, Mini Heart Frame and Heart Map Coasters.

Juniper Daze Etsy

I love the idea of a personalised map, as you can chose anywhere in the world that means something special to either you or a loved one. As these are all a perfect gift for any occasion. Now as some of you know, July is going to be a pretty big month for me and I am not talking about the Formula 1 British Grand Prix (Yees that is a small part), I will be moving to a completely different city in England.

I have lived in Plymouth my whole life! I am born and bred Janner. So it will be tough moving, as I love it down here with being so close to the sea. But this move means a new step in my life as hopefully, fingers crossed, I will have an ‘adult’ job. After looking on Juniper Daze Designs, I knew I just had to have one of these products as a momentum to my hometown.

For me I felt the Mini Heart Frame would be the perfect addiction to my new location! Of course, the location was not hard to chose but what was hard was choosing the background for the frame. Steph said I could have anything, including words, patterns or colour. At first I felt a blue would be nice, to symbolise the Plymouth Sound, but then I thought why not the lyrics to “I do like to be beside the seaside”. 

I’m really glad this is what I choose as it fits really well! I was a little worried I might not get it in time before the move, as I do understand that personalised items do take a while to create! But I was amazed to hear that after only a day of having my request, Steph was able to create it and send it out as she had some free time. By the sounds of it, I timed it well.

I do like Mr Postman when he delivers parcels, when I received it, I just wanted to rip it open to see what it was like, but I held myself back and carefully opened it. It is a very fragile piece so it was nice to see bubble wrap and tissue paper around it. When I pulled all the layers back, I was in love! It was exactly what I pictured in my head.



The quality of it, is perfect! There surely does look like a lot of work went into it and I am soo happy to own it. It’s definitely going to take pride in my new home and is definitely going to be a good addiction. I know it’s something small but to me, it does mean a lot and I am so thankful for Steph for creating it! Of course, this was a little gift to myself, but they make perfect presents for Birthdays, Christmas and any other special occasion.

I would love to say another massive thank-you to Steph! Now if you don’t know what to get someone for a special occasion, then I would definitely recommend Juniper Daze Designs. You can find the Mini Heart Frame and the other products here on Juniper Daze Designs. I am even thinking of purchasing the coasters once I have moved! I’m sure if you speak with Steph, she’ll be able to help with your request, she is very accommodating.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! As a little thank-youu, here is a discount code for Juniper Daze Designs, just use OCEANGLIMMER on Etsy and you’ll receive an amazing 10% off any orders over £5 until the end of July. Steph also has an AMAZING blog, which you can check out here, you can also find her on Twitter and Instagram.


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*Thank you Steph Whyte for gifting me a personalised Mini Heart Frame. The Frame was kindly sent to me for free, in return for an honest review and sharing/speaking about Juniper Daze Designs, credit goes to Steph for the feature image, for more information please see my About Page.


16 thoughts on “Juniper Daze Designs

  1. Love all the map themed products Steph does, they are all so lovely and can tell so much effort goes into them 🙂 I received the heart shaped coasters and she was so accommodating with letting me chose a location for each one. Love supporting smaller businesses like this 🙂
    Tiffany x


  2. I am also incredibly impressed by anyone who can work, blog, and run an Etsy shop at the same time, it must take so much organisation!! The maps collection on Juniper Daze is gorgeous and so classy, I could also see loads of these pieces being right at home in my bedroom! Definitely a shop I must check out!
    Abbey ❤️


  3. These would be so amazing for people that love to travel! And it’s so sweet of you to share the etsy page with us all! I know a few people that travel lots and these will make such good presents!


    1. I know right! Especially if they are special places for you, you can do soo much with it! +& I’m glad you’ve found some interesting presents, I would be very happy to gift this to someone and even recieve it.


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