June 2017 – National Camera Day

For as long as I can remember, I have loved photography! I just adore picking up a camera and taking photos of everything. I suppose for the past five years, my photography skills have improved, as with my College and University courses, I have needed these skills as modules have been centered around images. Photography has become a passion of mine now.

As you’ll know I’ve been to a couple of motorsports races to take photographs. I have loved these opportunities and maybe one day it will become a day job for me. To continue my monthly feature on National Days, I thought it would be fitting to speak about National Camera Day. It’s pretty self-explanatory what National Camera Day is.

It’s about celebrating photography and of course, thinking about how we managed to capture memories using a camera. Because without Joseph Niépce, a French inventor, we would not having photography as he developed the Heliograph, a technique used to produce the world’s first known photograph in 1825. As I am moving in just over two weeks I thought it would be nice to capture my favourites places in Plymouth, just as a little momentum and to reflect on my hometown.

No more chatting, let’s begin! Here is just some of my favourites places in Plymouth.

I hope you enjoyed this post! With the nice weather recently, I was able to take some gorgeous photographs of Plymouth, that I’ll definitely treasure forever. I love it when the sky is exactly the colour as the sea. I’m not biased or anything but I feel that Plymouth is one of the most beautiful cities in England. I will definitely miss being this close to the sea, it’s pretty something special.


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18 thoughts on “June 2017 – National Camera Day

  1. I loved this post! I think we share a passion of camera’s and photography. I specifically love how you have organised all of the pictures. They are really lovely. Makes me want to visit Plymouth someday.

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  2. Plymouth looks like a wonderful place for a day out! I’ve vowed to explore the UK more this year and it looks like Plymouth is going to be added to my list! The sea is a beautiful blue, I would love to go on a day when it was warm enough for paddling! What a great way to celebrate National Camera Day!

    Abbey 💋 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk


    1. It’s such a beautiful place! I am soo glad to have been born and bred in Plymouth, I am going to miss it soo much when I move. There’s always something going on in the city, you should definitely come visit. Especially when something is going on.


  3. Awwww I’m always sad when I miss days like this because I would love to have taken part! I love photography. I really liked your photographs of the lighthouse, it’s so cute!

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    1. Thank youu lovely! That’s so very kind of youu, I absoutely loved doing this. I’ve missed it a little actually with being soo busy +& Whenever I’m doing a shoot in Plymouth, I always try and feature Mr Seagull 😂😂


  4. I love this post! I’m really trying to upgrade my photography game, I find it so satisfying when you get that shot that you love! And yours on this post are amazing! All that blue! I love them x

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