Infinity Crates June 2017

It’s that time of month again! Infinity Crates has been delivered and I can not wait to show you what I received.

Infinity Crates is a United Kingdom based monthly subscription box that offers a new theme every month. There are four different crates on offer, Classic Crate for £16.99 plus p&p, Premium Crate for £23.99 plus p&p, Kids Crate for £16.99 plus p&p and T-Shirt Only Crate for £7.99 plus p&p. Every box is guaranteed a POP! Vinyl figure and a T-Shirt.

The exclusive theme for this month’s crate is Combat.

The exclusive Pop! Vinyl figure I received this month was Jorah Mormont from Game of Thrones. If you have been around for a while on An Ocean Glimmer, you’ll know how much I dislike Game of Thrones, it’s never really been a TV Show I’ve been able to get into. So of course, I haven’t got a clue over who this character is!

Which is a massive disappointment as Infinity Crates say they personalise the crate to your interests… And Game of Thrones is definitely not one of my interests, I think I may need to chat with them. The figure is very detailed, I love the bags under his eyes! Such a great attention to detail as well as the wrinkles on his forehead.


Within the crates you are also guaranteed T-Shirts, this month I received Wonder Woman. I absolutely love this tee, the colours are soo bright and vibrant. I love how it’s in the style of a comic book, it works amazing. I also love how it’s the comic book Wonder Woman, rather than the film variation. Wonder Woman is quite big at the moment, thanks to the film release in May so I’m pleased to see this T-Shirt.


Now onto the smaller items of the crate, first up is a Terminator Key Ring that reads ‘I’ll be back’ I love this as it sums up the Terminator pretty well! I’ve never fully watched the film franchise but I of course know about it! Especially Arnold Schwarzenegger, who doesn’t! I always love receiving key rings, this is a rubber one so it feels really nice and over time it won’t fade.

Next up a selection of House Sigil Magnets from Game of Thrones… Yes I know what you’re thinking, but you just said you don’t like Game of Thrones but I love these! They are soo vibrant in their colours and I love how they’ve got the House symbols, it’s kind of like Harry Potter! I especially love ‘Winter is Coming’. That’s a pretty famous motto from the series, even I know that one.


Last but not least, is a Marvel Ice Cube Tray, I love this item, I’ve never seen one like this and with Summer around the corner it’s pretty important! I can not wait to have Captain America’s shield in my Summer drink. I am a little upset though that they’ve repeated the four characters twice… it would have been nice to see eight different characters! It would be nice to Spider-Man and Deadpool (I love him!) But I understand it’s hard to pick the right characters, they are all starting to become soo popular.


I am a little upset with what I’ve received in this month’s crate, I think it’s maybe because of the Game of Thrones items… I know in the previous crates where I’ve received GOT items there were other themes I could have had. I really hope I stop getting GOT items as I really don’t know what they are and have no interest for it! One can hope for next month with a theme of Betrayal, I’m really excited to see what that entails!

If you would love to know what I received in previous crates, head over HERE to see May’s Infinity Crates.

Well, there will go guys! June’s Infinity Crates, now if you fancy getting your hands-on August’s crate you can do! Just head over to their website HERE. I will say these Crates are worth the price! Especially if you only count the Pop! Vinyl and T-Shirt.


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18 thoughts on “Infinity Crates June 2017

  1. If you are looking to get rid of your GOT product, feel free to send them my way! I love Game of Thrones and I totally understand that isn’t for everyone. Jorah is sort of like the right-hand man for Daenerys Targaryen AKA The Dragon Queen but he sort of disappeared from the show.
    That Wonder Women shirt is so cool!
    Great post! xx


    1. But you’re forever away! Haha, I might just email them and ask if they could stop sending GOT they have soo many other series that they send out, I always seem to get that! He’s not too bad looking though, not like the weird ogre thing I got haha

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  2. This crate sounds amazing to me! But that’s only because I love everything in it, and GOT is my fave thing on at the moment! But definitely have a word with them, because if this is suppose to be tailored to your interested/taste they haven’t done a fab job! I’m sorry you weren’t too impressed with this one lovely, but I can’t wait to see what you get next time!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I agree with you, it’s a little disappointing to receive two Game of Thrones items considering that the box is supposedly personalised! I must say that the tshirt is fab though, I’d absolutely love to receive that! The ice cube tray is seriously cool too (teehee) – looks like a lot of fun for your summer drinks!
    Abbey 🌸

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes of course! It’s soo gorgeous isn’t it, the colour just pops +& the ice cube tray is brill, I can not wait to use it for my summer drinks! The ice cubes are pretty big.


  4. I love boxes like these! See I love game of thrones so I would be ecstatic with that lol but I can imagine it’s pretty disappointing when you’re not into it xx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh wow you got some really cool things for only £17 a month! I would be slightly disappointed too though, not being a Game of Thrones viewer. Maybe give them as a Christmas present or in a giveaway?

    Liked by 1 person

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