Penclic R3 Wireless Review

We are now in a generation where technology is everything, we are mostly always on either our PCs or phones, the problem with this is medical problems could start to form. One of the main injuries is RSI – Repetitive Strain Injury, this is the general term used to describe the pain felt in muscles, nerves, and tendons caused by repetitive movement and overuse.

I’ve recently been enjoying the R3 Wireless by Penclic, a pen and mouse all rolled into one, with it suitable for both Mac and PC users anyone is able to use it. Penclic is a Swedish company, the creator of ergonomically functional and sleekly designed computer accessories. They combined the latest technology with Scandinavian design to make work more productive, comfortable and efficient.


The R3 Wireless comes with a rechargeable battery and a micro USB cable for charging the battery when it’s low, no more getting yourself tangled in cables! It does take a little while to get used to the motion of the pen because it doesn’t exactly feel normal, but after a little while it becomes second nature and feels a lot more comfortable. I love how stylish it looks as well as feeling very modern.

I love that it works well for both lefties and righties, with having a young sister who is a lefty. I know how hard it can be to have thing designed with you in mind! I love how it’s been designed to help with your wrists, hands, and fingers as it allows them to sit in a much better position than if you were using a normal computer mouse. Instead of using your wrist to perform small and precise movements, you use your fingers.

It’s been perfect for precise work like editing my blog photos, as unlike a normal mouse it doesn’t jump ten feet! It moves in small motions which are perfect, especially if you are a creative person like myself. Until I’m fully comfortable with the R3, I will continue to use my mouse, as I don’t understand it 100%, it still feels a bit alien-like for me. I’m probably going to use it a little each day until I’ve gotten used to it more.

The set-up was pretty straight forward, as soon as I plugged in the receiver into my laptop, it started the download for the software. I was a little confused over the position of the pen, as when I first started using it, when I moved the mouse down, it would go up and when I moved the mouse left it would go right. Turns out I had it the wrong way… the LED light needs to be facing you.

Because I was at a lost over what to do to correct it, I tried all sorts as well as Googling it! I just had to contact Penclic, that was my last option, they were really helpful though, the first time I tried turning the pen it felt like I was going to break it! Turns out it only rotates one way. If you are worried about RSI or do suffer with it, I would definitely recommend using the Penclic R3 Wireless.

The Penclic R3 Wireless currently retails at £59.99 and can be brought either direct from Penclic or through Amazon. You can also buy a Travelkit Mouse Case for £13.90, which I might invest in myself to keep the Penclic R3 safe, as I do feel it can be easily broken if you don’t store it correctly.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! I have loved using the Penclic R3 Wireless, I never knew something like this existed before and I’m very excited to keep using it. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the Penclic R3, are you wanting to pick up your own?


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*The Penclic R3 Wireless was kindly sent to me for free from Media PR, in return for an honest review and sharing/speaking about Penclic, for more information please see my About Page.


9 thoughts on “Penclic R3 Wireless Review

  1. This sounds really cool! To be honest, when I first saw it I thought it was one of those pens that records as you write on normal paper and then uploads it all to a computer! But I’m away to find out more about this pen 😊


  2. Wow, you’re very lucky to have been sent one of these as they’re not that cheap are they! But I think it’s a great idea, very innovative and I agree, perfect for people who suffer with strain problems from using technology. I’ve had a problem with my left wrist for ages now – the pain comes and goes and when it’s bad, I can barely move it. No doubt the excessive technology use has a part to play! I’d love to try one of these – not sure how I’d get on as I’m a bit of a technophobe at the best of times haha! xxx

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    1. It did take me a little while! But once I got use to it, it just came as second nature. I would definitely recommend it if you’ve got problems with your wrists because with this your not using your wrist so much!


  3. These penclics are indeed an inovation for a better and more comfortable use. I like the way you began your post, since everyone can relate to the disadvantages of computers and working on them 24/7. I will make some researches on the Penclic, it sound interesting! Thanks for your informational post, Gemma! ☺️

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  4. These sound so innovative! How clever! And I love that they cater for both lefties and righties, did you know that there are actual recorded deaths due to left handed people using equipment meant for right handed people?!
    Loved the post girly! And how fab that they sent you one of these!

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